Duncan Place, Loftus

The first photograph I have seen of Duncan Place, it hasn’t changed much although the gates at yon end have gone now and I can’t see if the school was there on the left hand side, there is a wall there as there was when I went to school, so I will presume that the school was there.

Image courtesy of The Pem Holliday Collection.

3 comments to Duncan Place, Loftus

  • Ah memories, I remember schooldays in Autumn when we could buy apples from the house at the end nearest the camera, they had trees growing at the gable end. A penny bought you a good few.

  • Arthur Smith

    been tracing my family tree and have traced back to the Featherstone family of 13 Duncan Place, will have to come up and have a look some time. I believe my great gran was born there.

  • crm

    Extremely interested in pictures of Duncan Place.
    I notice number 11 (at the far end) stands out as having the only 1st floor bay window.
    Was this house built to a different design to the rest of the row deliberately, or was it added on at a later date to the rest of the row?

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