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East Loftus Men

We don’t know when this photograph was taken, but some of the men on it are:

Standing at the back: Harry Guy, Noel Pearson

Front (left to right): Don Pinkney, ??, ??, Bob Morrison, ??, Ernest (Cocky) Cockburn, Alf Pearson, ??, Bob Pearson. Ian Pearson tells us: ”To the left of Don Pinkney is Lenny Calvert. Behind Alf & Bob Pearson I think is Tommy Morrison.” Eric Trembath tells us: ”Directly behind Ernie Cockburn is Al Davey, it is Tom Loy Morrison.”

The rest of the men I cannot name, can you?

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson; thanks to Angela Cockburn for naming her Great Uncle Ernest Cockburn of East Crescent, also Ian Pearson, Eric Trembath and Lee Guy for the updates.

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