A Party?

These ladies are in the Congregational Church Loftus, we don’t know all of the ladies names but some of them are (left to right): ??, ??, Mrs Benson, ??, Mrs Middleton (of Arbroath House), ??, Mrs Wood (her husband George Wood could often be seen in and around Loftus sitting at his easel painting beautiful water colours), ??, ??, Mrs Jackson. 
Can you name the remaining ladies.
Image courtesy of Mrs Waton and thanks to Eric Jackson for the update.

1 comment to A Party?

  • Norman Jackson

    I note with interest the picture of a Mrs Jackson in the picture sent from the East Cleveland Archives. There is also a Mr Eric Jackson mentioned for having provided additional information regarding the photograph.
    As I am endeavouring to trace back my English ancestry, how may I be able to communicate with Mr Eric Jackson. My research so far has reached my grandparents John Thomas Jackson and his wife Eliza Jackson who are no longer with us and rest peacefully in the cemetery in Port Mulgrave. Any information would be immensely appreciated. Best wishes from Western Australia.
    PLease note Mr Norman Jackson has the contact information he enquired about – ECIA EDitorial Team.

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