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1951 – Zetland Juniors – Class 7

At last a dated photograph and all the names to go with it.

Back row:- Derek Roe, David Robinson, Tony Main, Alan Jackson, John Bennet, Keith Mortimer, Norman Patton, Tony Hardy, Dave Smith, Donald Burdon, John Temple, Les Armstrong, Alan England.

Middle row:- Michael Dadd, Peter Kitchener, Margaret Verrill, Hazel Laverick, Mary Dale, Brian Winspear, Ron Allinson, Ray Harrison, Norma Grainger, June Lines, Carol Pascoe, Eric Lancaster, Kenneth Fawcett.

Front row:- Pam Dobson, Kathleen Grant, Anne Jefferson, Sheila Verrill, Heather Woodall, Judith Dean, Jacqueline Duncan, Valerie Tate, Doreen Eddis, Eileen Benson, Mary Shaw.

Image courtesy of  Marian Toulson and many thanks to Sheila Harris (nee Potts) for the update.

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  • Alan Norman Jackson

    I have been receiving these posts and always interested in any one with the surname JACKSON as I continue to undertake some research on my family. In this picture I note with interest a boy named Alan Jackson. Coincidence or not this is the name (Alan Norman) given to me by my parents George Alan and Ann Marie Jackson (Nee Boulle in Mauritius). If anyone can provide me with more details regarding Alan (in this picture) it would be much appreciated. I know (memory wise) that I attended school during my brief 5 years stay living with my grand parents in Port Mulgrave. Can this be the same school I attended un til 1950 ???????. Any information will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks and to you all have a Merry Xmas. It is going to be a hot summer down here in Western Australia.

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