Loftus County Modern School (1956 – Form 2B)

Loftus County Modern School (1956 – Form 2B)

Back Row: Herbie Holliday, Robert Jackson, Barry Starsmore, Michael Knight, John Temple, Fred Wetherill, Keith Cook, William Tindall, Gordon Simpson, David Scott.

Third Row: Barry Johnson, John Mead, Peter Clark, June Jefferson, Ron Partridge, Sheila Cornforth, Florence Hewison, Dulcie Lightfoot, Margaret Morley, John Swales, Terry Clark, Mrs Spellman.

Second Row: Jean Durber, Gloria Stuart, Sheila Oglesby, June Lines, Glenda ? , Mary Harrison, Margaret Cummins, Valerie Smith, Elsie Hunter.

Front Row: Roger Hall, Terry Kentfield, Colin Foster, Alistair Bales.

Many thanks to Mel and Alan  for assistance with names.

2 comments to Loftus County Modern School (1956 – Form 2B)

  • Ann Jackson

    Barry Johnson my cousin used to live at Moorsholm. Alistair Bailes was also a relative.

  • Alan NORMAN Jackson

    This message may end up being a duplicate of a previous one which I lost in transition. so here goes….I am undertaking some research about my grand parents, their father and any relationships they may have had. I note with interest the mentioning of ROBERT JACKSON in the picture. If anyone has some information about him and any relations (brother/s -sister/s- parents etc) please let me know. I lived with my grandparents, John Thomas Jackson and Eliza Ann Jackson during the years 1945 to 1950. In 1950 my parents (Father George Alan Jackson) separated and my brother, Denis born in 1947, went to live in Mauritius where I was born in 1943. In may and June 2015 I was in England and visited my grandparents resting place in Port Mulgrave thanks to the enormous assistance from Carol at the Hinderwell Parish Council

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