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Leaving Party

Leaving Party

Customers and friends gather at Mr. and Mrs. Roberts ’This is Your Life’ leaving party. Pictured (left to right): Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Connelly and Mariessa Robinson, Mrs. Roberts, Sheila Brown, Ernie Stone, Gordon Welford, Myra Watson (back, in the sunglasses), Mary Breckon, Ethel Welford, Marjorie Hodgson with Rachael Burton. Sam Robinson is in the doorway. “Wonderful day, wonderful times, wonderful people”

Thanks to Marjorie Magor for the photo and information, also Michelle Robinson for the names update.

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  • Mrs Valerie Lumsdon

    I am looking for a Kenneth Roberts who moved to the Redcar area in the 1950s I see that Mr and Mrs Roberts ran a shop in Loftus but it doesn’t give their christian names. At the moment I have a Kenneth Roberts marrying a Irene a Stebulitis but I may have this wrong. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you Valerie Lumsdon

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