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Greetings from Redcar

Greetings from Redcar

This multi-view postcard of Redcar shows why it was so popular in the 1950s and early 1960s; all that golden sand, sunshine and lots to see.
Image courtesy of Iris Place.

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  • Lesley A Wood

    Loved looking at this site – lived in Redcar twice, grandad Coldbeck had a shop in the late 1940s in Borough Road. My brother David and I were featured about 1950 on the front of the Redcar Brochure watching Punch and Judy on he beach.
    We spent happy hours on the skating rink and also the stray paddling pool after school (John Emmerson Batty) right or wrong spelling! We also spent happy times at the South Gare in Nev Smiths green hut picking up chocks after a ship launch and
    sea coal.
    How the memories come flooding back – I look forward to a return visit after 52 years in August when I will show my grandchildren a decent beach – I hope.

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