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Morrison’s Mine, Brotton

Morrison’s Mine

A view of Morrison’s Mine and Coach Road, Brotton. Morrison’s was an independently owned mine; output was at the requirements of the Ironmasters – so could be a little or a lot depending upon demand – so called as it was developed by Robert Morrison (he lived in The Grange, Brotton), imagine having this in your back yard? There was also a brickworks! The shafts were named after Robert Morrison’s wife (Florence) and  his daughter (Mary). The overhead gantry was situated about where the children’s play area is on Coach Road today, but there are effectively no remains to indicate this industrial past.
Image courtesy George Pearson.

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  • Liam White

    My ancestor, John Smithson worked at Morrison’s Mine. Not much more is known about him but I’m about to do some research

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