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Did you get a picture?

Did you get a picture?

Former Co-op staff from Loftus gathered for one of a series of photographs.

Standing: Sheila Cocks, Kath Welford, Irene Wright, Ann Ebbs.

Seated: Graham ?.

Can we have assistance with the missing name?

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    Good day, I am Charles Harrison ex-Loftus (+/- 48 years ago). My Father was Chris Harrison the Leader of Loftus Youth Club. I attended Loftus Senior School before moving to Redcar Technical College. I served an Apprenticeship at Dorman Long, Warrenby and Lackenby.
    Since leaving Loftus I have lived in South Africa and am now working in Ghana West Africa in my own business, Jachris Ghana Ltd.
    Would love to make contact with somebody who remembers me. Thanks, Charlie.


    The person seated is Graham Hanson who used to work in the footwear department with his wife and Josie Smith

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