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At Kilton, July 1977

Mr. Cleverley talking to an attentive group of students from 1U near Kilton Castle Cottages. G. Holmes has advised the Archive: ” This photograph is of Stank house farm, (Google maps shows this.) Kilton castle cottage is located to the right of this near the tree line. I lived at Kilton Castle Cottages so I know.”

Image and information courtesy of Celia Parrish, thanks to G. Holmes for the correction in location.

Coach Stop, Easter 1978

Taken at Easter, 1978; and believed to be the journey to Interlaken. Pictured is it the driver with Mr. Gratton, Mrs. Parrish and Mr. Sowerby?  Where had they stopped and where were they on their way to Interlaken? Can anybody advise?

Image and information todate, courtesy of Celia Parrish.

Interlaken, Easter 1978

Mrs. Parrish and students from Rosecroft at the swimming baths, Interlaken, in the Easter holidays, 1978.  Were you there?

Image and information courtesy of Celia Parrish.

On the Farne Islands

Were you one of the Rosecroft students from 2U on this trip to the Farne Islands with Mrs. Parrish in July, 1978?

Image courtesy of Celia Parrish.

Loftus County Modern (Rosecroft)

A very early picture of Rosecroft, (or as it was titled in those days Loftus County Modern School) possibly before it officially opened. David Archer has informed us that it opened in early 1963, so presumably this photograph was taken before the opening. This actual image came to us from Colin Hart and was the feature picture for a school calendar for 1965.
Image courtesy of Raymond Brown and Colin Hart: thanks to Ray Brown, Colin Hart, Derick Pearson, David Archer, Mary Hall, Margaret Atkinson and Ann Jackson for for the dating information

Loftus County Modern 1963 -Mr Norminton And staff

Back row: Michael Carter, Mr Varney (Music), Colin Berwick, Paul Moore, Peter Simpson, Bill Leyburn.

Middle row: Dave Brown, ? Medd, ? Barker, Rita Unthank, ??, Betty Johnson, Pat Blaylock, Judith Mothersill, Dorothy Adlington, Stan Berry.

Front row: Mr Granger, Hannah Nellist, Bert Davey, Mrs Best, Mr Harold Norminton, Miss Allinson, Mr Snowdon, Norman Lee, Maurice Stephenson.

Image courtesy of Loftus Library, thanks to Christine Kitchener and Mick Morrison for naming information.

Loftus County Modern Class 2.1

I’m in awe of Barbara’s ability to name everyone in this class photograph:

Back row:- Ernest Kitchener, Ian Harrison, David Smithies, Geoffrey Simpson, Leonard Marsay, Howard Jackson, Leonard Gittins, Martin Green, David Wright, Alan Harper, Jimmy Smithies, Geoffrey Goldby.

Middle row:- Peter Collinson, Keith Danby, Danny McVay, Jean Liddell, Susan Lindsey, Jennifer Green, Pat Nicholson, Derek Doe, George Smith, Richard Nicholson.

Front row:- Susan Sherwood, Doreen Crooks, Marlene Robson, Barbara Jefferson, Margaret Robinson, Mrs. R. Unthank, Sandra Flockton, Elizabeth Wright, Emeline Jackson, Barbara Chester, Carol Baldwin.

Image and names courtesy of Barbara McBurney.

Loftus Secondary Modern (1964 – 2nd Year)

Back row: Derek Hampton, Stewart Atkinson, Michael Martin, Richard Martin, Gordon Cook, Rob Middleton, Barry Scollett, Stewart Moss, Eric Cowen, Les Greening, Stewart Mussett, Brian Dixon.

Middle row: Denise Steyart, Barbara Cornforth, Susan Main, Sonya Codling, Val Pickering, Bruce Kennedy, John Whitwell, Stewart Camarami, Anne Laity, Cath Dale, Pat Joblin, Mary Mackinder.

Front row: Jill Peirson, Susan Sparrow, Audrey Turner, Elizabeth Wildmore, Brenda Maudsley, Mr Maurice Stephenson, Sandra Reed, Margaret Masta, Marianne Hodgson, Maureen Scott, Jennifer Mildon.

Jenny Turner advises: “I am Jenny Turner ( nee Mildon ) I am front row end. I think this is 1:1 first year as we all started in September 1963 and our first form tutor was Mr Stephenson. He was also our English teacher too. A great memory and every pupil name known.”

Thanks to Debbie Garbutt, Jenny Turner and Margaret Atkinson for the updates.

Loftus County Modern Prefects (1964)

Back row: Geoffrey Webb, Billy Sutton, Alan Gittins, Arnold Lancaster, Keith Morrison, Richard Shippey, Jean Harrison, Brenda Whattam, James Welford, Tony Lawson, Geoffrey Collinson, Terry Robinson.

Front row: Susan Knaggs, Margaret Evans, Jean Roberts, Glynis Verrill, Carol Jefferson, Mike Smith, Susan Walker, Marjorie Tyreman, Tilly Taylor, Marion Bird, Olwyn Andrew, Jean Sayers.

Image courtesy of Raymond Brown and thanks to Terry Robinson for correct surname for Olwyn.

Loftus County Modern School (1964 – 3rd Year)

Back row: Lee Guy, John Patton, Michael Lindsley, Gordon Wilson, Christopher Colbeck, David Dixon, Paul Harrison, Alan Sykes, Stephen Partlett, Geoffrey Robinson, David Hampton.

Middle row: Barbara Porter, Hazel Johnson, Jackie Verril, Kathleen Walker, Gordon Teesdale, Alan Thompson, Adrian Taylor, Janet Mead, Anna Jackson, Gillian Wicks, Sheila Wilson, Linda Hemmingway.

Front row: Barbara Andre, Norma Dower, Elaine Hetherington, Janice Hudson, Pamela Rice, Mr Colin Barwick (Teacher), Alison Harker, Dilys Yardy, Margaret Ford, Barbara Graham, Maureen Longster.