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Zetland Estate Cottages, Loftus

The cottages constructed in 1868, were part of the re-development of Loftus by Lord Dundas (Zetland); they remain today facing onto the main street, although the rambling rose (?) is no longer present. The cottages were only a small part of the development of Loftus as a town undertaken by Lord Zetland, many of which are still very obvious  today.

Image courtesy of a Loftus Town Crier calendar, dating information courtesy of Eric Johnson.

Loftus Woods

The caption says Loftus Woods so that is where it must be, but where in the woods? It looks more like an atomic landscape to me, but the reflections in the water are lovely. Alan Gill believes: ”The photograph has been taken just down from the waterfall, and facing away from it.”

Thanks to Alan Gill for the update.

Loftus Butchers

This image of the butchery department of Loftus Co-operative Store with all the staff members standing proudly in their clean overalls; it must have been for a special occasion. Although the building is still there we don’t see it looking like this any more.
Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.

Co-operative Grocery Department

Loftus Co-operative Store in the days of long white aprons, no check-out and no pre-packaged produce! I don’t suppose anybody knows any of these immaculately turned out shop assistants? Lorraine Williams tells us: “From at least 1890 the Fenby family ran a fruiterers business in Loftus probably until the 1920s. Skelton Fenby, one of the son’s, was the Loftus co-op manager in 1911 when he was 41 but I don’t know how long he remained there. He later moved to Darlington and opened a drapery store and eventually became Mayor of Darlington in 1947.”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and others; also than ks to Lorraine Williams for that update..

Loftus Co-operative Store

Taken from Duncan Place this only shows part of the Co-operative Stores in Loftus, going  to the left was the shoe department followed by the entrance  and stairs to the offices, where  on dividend day the queues extended out into the street. After these came a  quite large drapery, and at the end of the block the butcher’s shop.   There was also an electrical store and a large furniture store farther down to the west of Loftus. However the Archive is now aware that the original Co-operative building was further down Zetland Road towards West Road and will locate and display the shop frontage.

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum, the Pem Holliday Collection and others.



Front of Shop

Betty Peart (Mrs. Ditchburn), Philip Beadnall, and Betty Tebble (Mrs.Gorman) pictured outside the front of Dodd’s shop on Zetland Road in the 1960s. Barbara McBurney tells us: “I remember Philip Beadnall working for Fred Lindsley in his shop on West Road, probably late 1950’s, the shop was a man’s outfitters and if my memory serves me well I think there was a corner selling records. I also worked with him in the late 1970’s in the Mill Manager’s Office at Skinningrove Works!” Whilst Richard Beadnall tells us: “Phil is my uncle and still lives in Brotton, as he has done all his life.”

Image and names courtesy of Mrs. Ditchburn; with thanks to Barbara McBurney and Richard Beadnall for the updates.

Beside the Shop

Mary Coverdale, Eve Tebble, Philip Beadnall, and Betty Gorman are pictured in the side street between Dodd’s shop and the main building of the Co-operative in this photograph; taken in 195?

Image and names courtesy of Betty Gorman.

Another Day

Betty Gorman, Mary Coverdale and Betty Ditchburn were joined by Jane Lindsley in this photo taken beside Dodd’s shop.  The awning is out on Brittain’s shop over the road; with Mrs. Brittain in the doorway. The premises are presently occupied by Thompsons Funeral Services and prior to that was Trillos Ice-cream Parlour and Cafe.

Image and names courtesy of Betty Gorman.

In the Window

This image is from a selection of photographs that were taken when Mrs Betty Gorman was an assistant in C. J. Dodd’s shop on Zetland Road. In this image Mary Coverdale is arranging the window display.

Image courtesy of Betty Gorman.

Mr. C. N. Dodd

Mr. Dodd sitting at his desk in the kiosk where the cash was handled in this photo, taken in August 1979.

Image courtesy of Mrs. Ditchburn.