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The Market Place Again

This looks a pretty similar photograph to all the others but if you look at the name above the shop in the foreground it is not Dodds as we have usually  seen, but Mackenzie Bros. Image is pre 1906, Charles Jardine Dodds moved his business to Smithfield House in Zetland Road in 1911, having traded in the Market Place for five  years.

Additional details courtesy of Jean Wiggins.

Market Place

A tinted postcard of the North side of Loftus Market Place, from the early days of the 1900s, as ‘Bros’ can be seen on the front of the building on the extreme left (so not Dodds) who were in the Market Place from 1906 till 1911.  Zachary Moore’s old hall is between the National Westminster Bank and the Angel Inn.

Loftus Market Place

Here we are in Loftus Market Place yet again, the awnings are out so we guess it must be a nice sunny day.  MacKenzies shop is in the foreground with Slater’s chemist next to it, the post office would be next and then the National Westminster Bank. Dating the image is assisted with the knowledge that Charles Jardine Dodds took over MacKenzies shop in 1906, before moving to Zetland Road in 1911.

Loftus Working Men’s Club

An image from a postcard, showing the Market Place about 1928. The Working Men’s Club on the left, followed by the chemist and post office, the National Provincial Bank and Slater’s shop is there by the side of the Angel Inn.

Image courtesy of Joyce Dobson.

Loftus Under snow

Yes I know we have a photograph posted like this but not with all the snow, this image was taken in 1908; bringing memories of memories of a few months ago (2009).

Image courtesy of Pauline Ovington.

Market Place, Loftus

We have been here many times but this is the first image I have seen with some market stalls on the Bank side of the Market Place;  wonder what they were selling and perhaps it was part of the Loftus Wool Fair? The image is from a postcard view possibly by T.C. Booth and judging by the style of dress of the young people could be early in the 20th century.

Market Place, Loftus

Here we are again, in the Market Place, but what date? The iron railings are still in place so is it pre 1940? HELP! Apologies also for the cropped appearance of this image; it arrived as seen and the Archive continues to hope for an improvement.

Angel Inn, Loftus

We haven’t got any details about this photograph.aAlthough the licensee’s name is clearly visible. The flags are out and one or two of the men are wearing uniform. Can anyone tell us more about it?

Image courtesy of Joyce Dobson.

Market Place, Loftus, 1950


Is there any other Market Place so well photographed?  This image is taken from a ”cropped” National Series postcard, showing the Market Place well with some traffic; with a caption stating it being in 1950.

Image courtesy of Jean Hall.

Market Place

A lovely framed postcard image of Loftus Market Place, the time on the clock can be clearly seen and the Loftus Urban District Council crest gives an idea of the period; pity there isn’t a date on it.
Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum, thanks to Margaret for spotting the slip of the typists finger!