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Liverton Mine c.1964

The inevitable onset of “urban decay” sets in after the closure of the mine at Liverton Mines and we can see the beginning of its destruction. The view was taken from the vantage point of the shale heaps.

Image courtesy of Raymond Brown.

Liverton Mine

A view looking down the valley towards Skinningrove, with the works on the skyline at the left. Taken from the shale heaps, with the pylon base clearly visible.
Image courtesy of Raymond Brown, thanks to Danny Plews for the update.

Snow Scene at Liverton Mines

This is a snow scene that rivals the Matterhorn views so beloved of ski holiday advertisements except that these are the shale tips of Liverton Mines!  The strange structure in front of them is the massive foundations for a pylon of the aerial ropeway that caused the huge cone in the background.  I seem to remember a fatality here involving a cycle or a motor cycle which instigated the removal of this well-known landmark?

Image courtesy of Ken Loughran.

Liverton Road

This image shows the road to Liverton Mines and off to the right the road to the station, in the foreground is the foundry. Not a clear photograph, but in the middle of the foundry building the round structure of the cupola for melting the pig iron can be seen. A walk around Loftus and district,  can be seen many cast iron drain covers stamped either ‘Robinson Bros.’ or the later ‘Tinsley’. A unique example of this foundry’s output can be seen in Loftus Old Cemetery, where their specialised cast iron grave markers can be seen; it is well worth a visit.  

Additional information thanks to Eric Johnson.