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Fancy Dress

Once again at Carlin How; part of the Gala or Carnival Day in the 1960s. We have other images of the event on site; but don’t be shy name yourself if you are there. Bill Kitching tells us: ”Man with hand raised could be Jim Husband of Carlin How.” Derick Pearson tells us: ” Lady in the white is Mrs Cook, mother of Gordon, Bill and Brian. The parade was at the bottom of Queen Street/ Grosvenor Terrace. Hudson’s shop in the background belonged to the Hudson brothers; one a coalman and othe other had the shop previously at Skinningrove (Hutton Street) and later this one in Carlin How. The back door far left was into the yard of the Dairy, owned at that time by Blind Mr Jacobs who used to have a three wheel motor trike. The procession with a variety of fancy dress costumed attenders was on its way to the Tennis Courts and Football field. I believe it was Gala day or Carnival Day about 1962.” Colin Verrill assists with: “Man with hand raised is my grandad Joseph “Joss” Husband.”

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson; thanks to Bill Kitching, Derick Pearson and Colin Verrill for the updates.

Carlin How Gala

A fancy dress parade to celebrate Carlin How Club Golden Jubilee in 1962, viewing the bottom of the Club steps. Alan Pearson can identify the gentleman in the flat cap at the back as Claude Tremain. Whilst Derick Pearson can identify Mrs Annie Cook (centre in white), to her left is her grandson Gordon Cook; and Mary Cox (Nellist) sitting to her left. We can also identify the lady in the rear of the image (in head scarf) as Olive Cocks. Graham Chapman adds: “Mrs Cook is Annie Cook – I knew her as my Aunt Annie – and she was sister to twins Nora and Nellie (my grandmother who lived on Gladstone Street all her life and wife of Oliver Padgett) and 13 other siblings. Annie’s family used to have (probably as tenants) ‘The Dolphin’ in Robin Hoods Bay and Mrs Cook’s father ran a cart back and forth along the coast to transport people and goods.”

Can anybody assist with other names?

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson, update thanks to Alan Pearson, Derick Pearson, Inga Cook, Graham Chapman and our keen viewer for updates.

Ready For The Off.

Another photograph of a Carlin how gala, some of the names are from left to right Brian Cook, Brian Lightfoot, Barry Lancaster, Alan Dale, Colin Cook, John Welford, Jacky Noble, Billy May, Ronnie Cook. Do you know the missing names?

Norman Patton advises us:”The tall spectator at the right rear is Walla Watson. I guess this picture is about 1960!” Derick Pearson suggests: “It looks to have been taken on the gravel court in front of Sykes house as the building to the left was the Courts equipment shed with toilet at rear, and the building to the right appears to be the one in front of the orchard. 1962 possibly.”

Image and some names courtesy of Eric Johnson, thanks Norman Patton, Bob Doe and  Derick Pearson for the updates.

Family Photograph

The Suckling family to be correct; Mary Murray (nee Suckling), Alfred Suckling and Hannah Stubbings (nee Suckling).

Image and details courtesy of Neil Suckling.

Carlin How Methodists

Neil Suckling tells us this photograph has his great grandfather ’Alfred William Suckling ’(a Ranter preacher in the Loftus Staithes circuit) top row left wearing a flat cap and sporting a beard standing next to him is Leslie Nicholson.  Alf moved to Brotton in the 1870’s from Kings Lynn with his two brothers. Do you know anyone else on the photograph?

Image and information courtesy of Neil Suckling.

Harry Rayson 1917

We knew the name of one of the soldiers in this photograph, Harry Rayson (first left on the front row), but asked: ”Does anyone know any of the other men?” We were contacted by Peter Rayson and he tells us: ”I am one of Henry Rayson`s three grandsons, but I am not sure that any of the other men are from East Cleveland, so am unable to assist with possible names. I understand that the Royal Artillery Battery ”151st Heavy” had recruits that were from the Darlington area.” Further researches indicate that the young man to the right of Harry may be Sydney Roe. Sydney was the youngest son of the family Harry lodged with (at 6 Queen Street, Carlin How). Harry moved to Carlin How before 1911 Census to work as an electrician’s assistant at Skinningrove  before volunteering at the outbreak of WWI; Sydney enlisted in July 1916.

Many thanks to Peter Rayson for that update.

Our Army Boys and Girls

Pictured outside their headquarters in Carlin How.

Back row: Cpl. B. Orr, Cpl. J. Austin, Cpl. C. Robinson, Cpl. G. Tyerman.

Middle row: Sgt. H. Easton, Miss B. Jacob, Mrs N. Bell, Miss O. Watts, Miss D. Ableson, Miss E. Spedding, Mrs A. Wicks, Sgt. G. Ferguson.

Front row: Sgt. W. Adamson, CSM G. Pearson, Cpt. D. Mortimer, Major T. Wicks, Lt. G. Elders, Sgt. H. Atkinson, Sgt. H. Webster.

Image from a cutting courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, Derick Pearson and others.

Carlin How Girls

Assembled for their confirmation at St Helen’s church; the girls are: Jean McLean (Hellings), Betty Pierson, Marjorie Bowers, Marjorie Arnold,  June Anderson?,  Sylvia Conway, Grace Webster, Doreen Arnold.

Image courtesy of a compilation by Derick Pearson, updates on names from Frank Robson and Rita Beckham.

Rockcliffe View 1949

Carlin How lads at Rockcliffe View; the boy on the pole is Ronnie Batchelor.

Left to right: Charlie Ward, Raymond Hicks (holding head of small boy-George (Minnie) Pearson), Peter Libbey, ??, Brian Locker, ??. 

Does anybody know the names of the missing lads?

Image courtesy of a compilation by Derick Pearson, updates on names from Robert Doe and Frank Robson.

Loftus Outing

A nice photograph of a group gathering; in 1910 in the Market Place, Loftus. However it is known for certain that there are at least 5 people from Carlin How on the photograph, so it may have been a mixed Chapel or church outing.

Back row: Leslie Nicholson (magistrate), Fred Nicholson, ??, G. T. Goodwill.

Third row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Mrs Goodwill, ??, Margaret Elizabeth Hall (nee Ord), ??, Charles Hall.

Second row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Clara Nicholson (nee Hall), ??, ??, ??.

Front row: Lesley Nicholson.

Neil Suckling confirmed: “Three of the young women are my great aunts; Mary Suckling (Murray), Hannah Suckling and Lydia Suckling (nee Donnelly) and possibly my grandad Andrew Suckling.” George Tremain added: “The man first on the right is Charles Hall of Front Street, Carlin How. His wife Margaret Elizabeth Ord is third from the left on the same row. Second from the left on the back row is Fred Nicholson, his wife Clara (Hall) Nicholson is fourth from the right on the second row. Their son Lesley is first on the left on the front row.” Whilst Tony Nicholson advised: “Yes, Fred Nicholson is on the back row at the far left, with a large white hat.” Rita Jury asked: “Hi I’m interested in the name- nee Donnely – could the spelling have changed my mother was Donnelly of Coronation Street born in 1922 – my grandmothers maiden name was Astle.”

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre, names courtesy of a CD compiled by Derick Pearson; thanks to Neil Suckling, George Tremain and Tony Nicholson for the updates on this photograph.