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Robert Glover at Work

Another view of Robert Glover, complete with the albert for his pocket watch (as a railway guard he would need to ensure accurate timekeeping) proudly attached to his waistcoat button hole. Tom Glover asks: “Wondering if Robert Glover would be the grandson of Thomas Glover (died 1847)and Mary Smith of Loftus . They had five sons and a daughter Marry Ann (that I know of). The eldest Thomas born December 1810 was my great grandfather, he left for Canada with his brother William (born 1813) and a Smith relative in1831. No known contact with family left at home. Settled north of Toronto , Ontario in York County. Brothers remaining in Loftus area, John, Robert and Joseph.”

Image courtesy of Caroline Callow, thanks to Tom Glover for the update.

Robert Glover at Home

Believed to have been taken at 22 Wood Street, Carlin How, Caroline Callow tells us: ”I believe he worked in Skinningrove and have found reference to him being involved in a fatal accident in Skinningrove on 26 June 1880.” This image and Caroline’s comments produced comments. Derick Pearson being confused by the reference to involvement with a fatal accident felt: “Is it possible that your photo was actually taken in the 1940s? That would seem to fit and agree with Joys report and also would fit with the age of the house.” Also Lynn O’Neill (nee Peggs) queries: “I was born in 22 Wood Street in April 1946. My family name was Peggs. We lived with my Grandparents – Charlie and Sarah Peggs. We moved to East Loftus in 1947 and my grandparents moved to Coronation Street – also in Carlin How – I think around 1950. I remember 22 Wood Street fairly well – and I don’t remember the lintel bricks (is that the correct term?) above the door and window. Haven’t been there in years, I understand that Wood Street was demolished some years ago.”

Image and information courtesy of Caroline Callow, thanks to Derick Pearson and Lynn O’Neill for the updates.

Robert and Lucy Glover

Robert and his wife Lucy pictured it is believed outside 22 Wood Street, Carlin How. Again we believe this is Robert in his later years.

Image and information courtesy of Caroline Callow.

Lucy, May, Agnes and Jessie Glover

Caroline Callow tells us: ”Jessie, May, Agnes and Lucy were the daughters of Robert and Lucy Glover. Jessie was born in Carlin How and the others in Loftus. This picture was taken in 1935 when they attended their mother’s (Lucy’s) funeral.”

Image and information courtesy of Caroline Callow.

Old Tyme Dance

In the Club hall at Carlin How in Old Tyme dress we have: Anne Melvin, Inga Cook, Betty Gray, Pat Bennison. Can anybody give us a date?

Image courtesy of Pat Bennison, with thanks to Bob Doe, Barbara McBurney and Brian Young for the updates on names.

Are There Fairies At The Bottom Of your Garden

These fairies are in the grounds of the Carlin How Club hall I think and one of the fairies is ? Tremain. Were you there or can you name any of the fairies and what was the occassion? Sheila Cotterill advises: “My maiden name is Hibbert (nee Glasper) my grandmother was Mary Ann Pearson of Cariin How. I have a photograph of one of the fairies but no name; it is the fairy in the middle of your fairy group photograph. I would like contact with any Pearson family member; doing my family research.”

Image courtesy of George Tremain, thanks to Sheila Cotterill for the comment.

John and Lydia

Two of the Suckling family; John and Lydia.

Image courtesy of Neil Suckling.

Were You dressed Up?

Are you one of the people in this photograph loaned to us by Eric Johnson, if so point yourself out or anyone else you may recognise.

So far we have: ”Girl in middle with walking cane and blacked face is Shirley Hutchinson nee Webster (Carlin How lollipop lady). The girl with the bike is Janice Snaith (nee Carveth), girl with umbrella might be Jennifer Johnson (nee Carveth). Girl in hat might be me Kate Patton (nee Dowson).” 

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson, thanks to Kate Patton for that update.

Not Quite Hawaii

Now known to be part of the Carlin How Workingmen’s Club Jubilee Celebrarions. Identified to date are: ”Lank” Lightfoot with the goat (playing that day the part of Ghandi) and beside him is Jimmy Verrill (ex Club Secretary) Three dark gentlemen in front of image as “George” Burns, ?? and Fred Hudson. George Smith (Club President at that time)  is the gentleman in the white shirt seen between the blackmen. Any more suggestions? Jan Snaith advised: “The Jubilee Celebrations at Carlin How Workingmens Club. ‘George’ Burns was on the Club Committee. My Dad,Bill Carveth, was Club Secretary for a number of years around this time.”

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson, also thanks to Brian Young and Derick Pearson for the updates. Many thanks to Jan Snaith (nee Carveth) for confirmation on the Celebrations.

A Family At The Door

The Suckling family, at their home of 1 Railway Terrace Carlin How (now 44 Brotton Road); it hasn’t changed much has it? We are told the building to the left of this house was a water tower which at one point had a dodgy ladder up the side, now demolished.
Image courtesy of Neil Suckling.