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Carlin How – Tivoli Theatre ‘gents’ – 1911

Another view of the Tivoli Theatre, with a line of  ”relaxed”  gentleman seated outside. Anybody any ideas as to names?

One suggestion from Kathleen Kelly is that the gentleman second from left could be Charles Biott?

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and Dot Verrill, with thanks to Kathleen Kelly for the update.

Bowls Club, Carlin How

Another photograph from the jubilee brochure of Carlin How Working  Men’s Club, this time taken on the bowling green. We asked: “We are sure you will be able to tell us the names of some of the men there?” Derick Pearson told us: “First left is Norman Robinson, Dennis Preston, Jack Verrill; kneeling Mr Carveth and Jack Dredge., Standing Jim Nicholson. Group on right: first left standing is Bill Harrison (nicknamed Mellon or Lemon); far right Mr Husband. Mrs Bob Butterworth and ? Blenkey sat on seat.”

Thanks to Derick Pearson for names update.

The Committee

Another photograph taken in the jubilee year of Carlin How Club  the men are all named,as the Committee and officials. Back row: J. T. Harrison, T. G. Webster, J. Verrill (Sports Secretary), G. R. Burns, William H. Harrison (Vice President), J. Black, J. Dredge, J. Preston, G. Limon.

Front row: N. W. Robinson, J. Husband, J. W. Carveth (Secretary), G. T. Smith (President), L. Smith (Treasurer), J. Nicholson, E. Scott.

Colin Verrill tells us: ”it was taken on the tennis court next to the tennis pavillion, there were two red shale courts and four grass courts”.

Thanks to Colin Verrill for the update.

A Man’s Domain?

Carlin how Working Men’s Club; yes once it was a man’s domain but not any more, women are now on the committee.  When this photograph was taken in the Jubilee year of the club, it was men only in the bar and billiard room; some of the men here are: seated in front: Mr Husband and Mr Winspear. Standing behind them is Bob Butterworth (Club Steward) and stewardess are Charlie and Mary Partridge.  The lady at the far end of the bar is Mrs Webster and standing next to her is Mr Webster, some of those seated to the rear are, Ted Simpson, Dick Tyreman, Tom Ward, Derick Smith, Brian Yeoman, Barry Lancaster, Brian Ferguson. Karen Bates tells us: “The Steward and Stewardess were my Nana and Grandad – Charlie and Mary Partridge. They moved on to pubs in the Darlington area after this. The Partridge family are shown living at 11 Bells Huts in 1901 and 1911. Previous to this the family lived at Wood Cottages. There were a number of children in this family and my grandmother was Elsie Prosser Partridge.”

If you know any more of the men please let us know.

Many thanks to Karen Bates and Barry Lancaster for the updates.

Horse and Carriage in Carlin How

Horse and Carriage in Carlin How

Outside the Maynard Arms at Carlin How, Mr Thomas William Wood with his carriage. Mr Wood who was also the landlord of the Maynard Arms was well known in the area for inventing the alarm clock. Researches have now discovered that Thomas W Wood was at the Maynard Arms from 1886, recorded in the 1891, 1901 and  1911 Census at the Maynard Arms; his death is recorded as being in May 1912, whilst still the liscensee at the Maynard Arms.