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Loftus County Modern School (1961 – Football)

Back row: George Goodchild, John Jackson, Edgar Noble, Colin Mead, Raymond Furness, Tony Dye, Mr Malcolm Gratton.

Front row: Barry ‘Emo’ Emmerson, Alan Pearson, David Bateman, Michael Bateman, Brian Tyreman, Richard Webster, Alan Lightburn.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson, thanks to Norman Patton, Tony, Barry Emmerson, Colin Hart and Carole Walker for names (also many thanks to Barry Emmerson for correcting the date on this post when first placing on site! – whoops).

Loftus Senior School Football Team 1950-1

Shown as the team in 1950 – 51. Back Row: Brian Shaw, Maurice Walker, T. Fletcher, Fred Shaw, Eric Jones, ??.

Front Row: Mr Bert Davy, Terry Boyes, Don Locker, Brian Tindale, Jim Crooks, Walter Crags, Mr Maurice Stephenson.

Can anybody help with the missing or queried names?

Loftus Senior School – 1952 – PE Team

An obviously posed and possibly painful photograph.

Back row: Ray Powell, Keith Smith, ?? , Keith Whitlock, ?? , Donald ? , Barry Breckon.

Middle row: Eric Tyreman, Ian Davidson, ?? , ? Laverick, Colin Riley, Eric Jones.

Front row: John Starsmore, Terry Cowan, Fred Shaw, ?? , George Winspear, Brian Shaw, Raife Breckon, Maddy Craggs.

Can anybody help with missing names?

Out for a Walk – May 1984

Mrs Yeoman’s class from Harry Dack Infants; stopped for a quick snap beside the road to Liverton Mines, after walking under the railway bridge.  Mrs Jemson is with us. Edward Douthwaite advises: “I can’t see myself on any of the pictures, but I’m fairly certain that I will have been out on the walk that day. How nostalgic seeing all of these images, from 30 years ago. I can’t believe that we were all so young. Wait until I show my kids, they’ll love it!” Whilst Rob Burn adds: “I have been doing some family history research and my family, the Burn family, lived at 1 East Terrace from 1861 with the Douthwaites later becoming neighbours. I have an inscribed bible they gave to my grandfather when he became a master mariner around 1910.”

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman, thanks to Edward Douthwaite and Rob Burn for the updates.

In Station Wood – 1

At the corner we turned into Station Wood, crossed the little bridge over the beck and climbed the steps into the wood.  We stopped to have our picture taken. This group of boys are: John Whitwell, Graham Atkinson, Steven Evans, and Mark Sussens. 

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman, thanks to John Whitwell for the update on names.

In Station Wood – 2

Some more of the boys paused for a picture at the top of the steps.

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman.

In Station Wood – 3

The girls were following, and stopped for a moment. Mrs Yeoman could remember their faces, but not all their names. The Archive asked: ” Can you help, please?” Donna Whitwell advised: ”In this photograph there is Donna Whitwell, Kerry Reason, Michelle Harris, Nicola Harris, Rachael Pearson, Joanne Dean, Samantha Tremain, Clare Taylor.”

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman and thanks to Donna Whitwell for the update.

In the Wood – 1

We had a good walk along the path, beside the beck, looking at the trees and bluebells and our legs were tired. Resting we have: Joanne Dale, Sara Dean, ??, ??, ??, Ben Tyreman, ??.

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman, thanks to Adam Cuthbert for names to date.

In the Wood – 2

It was a lovely sunny day and we all sat down for a rest. Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.
Front row: Ben Tyreman, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Can anybody assist with names?

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman.

In the Wood – 3

We were only about five years old in May 1984.  Mark Yeoman is in this picture, but who else is here?

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman.