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The Class Of Mrs Elsie Dixon

Help definitely needed here; we now know the teacher is Mrs Elsie Dixon, the year would be in the 1940’s.
Back row: Mrs Elsie Dixon, ??, Hughie McAuley, Peter Dobson, ??, Mike Smith, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Middle row .  ??, ??, Terry Blades, ??, ??, ??, ??, Terry Grey, Maureen Verrill, Bobby Barber, ??, ??.

Front row.  ??, ??, Sheila Cowan, ??, ??, Lily Duck, ??, ??, Dorothy Garbutt,

Boys seated at front: ??, ??, ??.

Thanks to Norman Patton, Derick Pearson, Margaret Jackson and Margaret Atkinson for names to date.

Loftus Junior School

Another poser? It is known to be Loftus Junior School (recognised from the background!) but the rest is a mystery, date (possibly late 1940s or early 1950s), teacher and pupils all remain unknown. Can anybody help out there?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Loftus Junior School 1946/47

Back row: Derek Walker, Colin Morgan, Raymond Robinson , Keith Barratt, Malcolm Libby, Derek Gale, Billy Dunning, Leslie Brittain, Peter Robinson, Gerald Verrill, Mrs Ruth Hun (teacher).

Third row: Derek/George ?, Brian Ditchburn, Joan Smith, Shirley Pressick, Rita Ward, Shirley Newton, Joan Sunley, Jean Jones, Thelma Mintoft, Terry Baines, John Craggs.

Second row: Shirley Snow, Edith Stephenson, Leonora Hicks, Jean Ashton, Audrey Hoggart, Yvonne Charlton, Daisy Morrish, Shirley Treloar, William Warrell.

Front row: Norman Tindall, George Locker.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Marion Burnside and Barbara McBurney of assistance with names.

Sports Day

Denis Codling (is the boy on the right) with friends ready for the sack race at Loftus Junior School, about 1935.

Image and names to date courtesy of Mrs. J. Wilson.

Festival Of Britain

I had forgotten what the festival of Britain was all about so I have checked with Google and  it ’Celebrated the Nation’s Recovery after the Second World War’.   Do you remember the pageant on Hird’s field in Loftus and were you there? I think this was Mavis Cuthbert under the disguise; some of those around her are:- Pat Vasey, Ann Dodsworth and Barbara Craggs, any other names welcomed.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, names to date courtesy of Joan Jemson.

Who Can You Name?

Once again the Festival Of  Britain, can you see anyone you know?  I can see Clive Cummings James Peart, Neil Theaker,Valerie Watson, Ann Dodsworth, Barry Matson,  Bobby Barber, Marjorie Easton.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and names to date from Joan Jemson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.1

The following photographs were taken from a photograph album named ’The Coming Of the Romans’ by Loftus Junior School.  These are the names under the photograph:- Lyndon Lambelle, Derek Rowe, Terry Blades, R. Fox, Clive Cummings, Philip Mortimer, John Coverdale, Richard Jackson and Eric Parker; can you see yourself here?  Don’t be shy point yourself out.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.2

Names for this photograph are: P. Mortimer, L. Smith, J. Thornton, Terry Blades, N. Theaker and D. Plews.  If I remember rightly most of the schools in the area took part in this pageant.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and names and memories from Joan Jemson.

The Coming Of The Romans No.3

A good see-saw but I don’t think health and safety would let you get away with anything like it today, what fun they have spoiled.

On the seesaw: Peter Spearpoint, B. Goldby, W. Morrish, B. Craggs, ? Fox, Sheila Spearpoint. Can you identify anybody else?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson; also thanks to Ken and Sylvia Spearpoint for the updated names.

The Coming Of The Romans No.4

The stockade is built now. But no names here; can you see yourself?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.