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Loftus Junior School

The Junior School not quite as I remember it; there was a dividing wall to the right of the photograph, maybe it’s still there? This wall with just a small adjoining gap, kept the boys from the girls. Yes we had separate yards to play in, not that it kept us separated for long! The yard that can be seen was the boys yard and school entrance and I don’t remember the small gardens being there do you?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Loftus Junior School Football Team, 1961 – 1962

The obviously successful Loftus Junior School Football team with their trophy in 1962 are:

Back row: John Hicks, Michael Preston, Geoffrey Chadwick, Peter Bargewell, Michael Hollingsworth, Peter Jackson.
Front row: Jimmy Smithies, Paul Chester, Howard Jackson, David Smithes, Derek or David Hampton. 

Image and names courtesy of Kathleen Hicks; thanks to Barbara McBurney for updated names.

Loftus Junior School Football Team, 1960-61

Back row: John Hicks, John (Cudgie) Patton, Howard Jackson, Kenneth Hancock, Eric Mead, Michael Preston.
Front row: Tony Blaylock, David Smithies, Colin Smith, Jimmy Smithies, Michael Hollingsworth.

Image courtesy of Kathleen Hicks, updated names thanks to Norman Patton, Alan Franks, David Archer, Barbara McBurney and Cody McKay.

Class 1 Loftus Junior School 1956/7

Back row:  David Richardson, John Roberts, Gordon Richardson, Charles Harrison, Alan Alderson, Barry Richardson, Peter Davies, John Tyreman, Brian Espiner, Edward Angove, Graham Nellist.

Second row:  John Trevillion, Marilyn Peggs, Elizabeth Hall, Janet Smith, Hilary Davy, Patricia Williams, Barbara Cuthbert, Jean Parkinson, Sandra Jarvis, Susan Dobson, Dorothy Severs, Brian Mortimer.

Sitting:  Helen Fowle, Mavis Graham, Marie Hollinworth, Rita Shields, Carole Rowe, Mr. Richardson (Class 1 teacher), Jeanie McLaughlan, Ann Dixon, Kay Wilkin, Gillian Walker, Dorothy Marsay.

In front:  Roger Hore, Graham Blaylock, Dennis Covell.

Janet Lingard (nee Thompson) tells us she was in this class. ”I must have been absent when the photograph was taken.” Whilst Norman Patton adds: “Those years when Mr Richardson had Class 1 and Miss Trevillion was Head Mistress must surely have been the golden years for Loftus and its Junior School?”

Image and names courtesy of John Roberts.  Thanks to Barbara McBurney, Gillian Walker, Brian Espiner and Christine Brown and Charles Harrison for updated names.

Loftus Junior School (c.1957)

Back row: John Atkinson, Peter Tilley, Colin Pressick, Ronald Hebditch, David Hebron, Alan Garbutt, Keith Ferguson.

Middle row: Alan Tebble, Howard Morrison, Terry Cross, Barry Wilson, Keith Steyert, John Jackson, Tony Wilkinson, Richard Webster, Eric Jackson, David Blackmore, Paul Robinson, Barry Ward.

Front row: Mary Yeoman, Pam Edwards, Ruth Harrison, Audrey Whitwell, Jean Smith, Barbara Bottomley, Miss Wood, Joyce Liddiard, Christine Ebbs, Ann Anderson, Jean Duck, Margaret Cowen, Ian Peirson.

Miss Wood later married John Howard, another local teacher (Loftus Senior School) as well as author of several books on Staithes and its residents. Peter Tilley asked: “I wonder where all these people on this photograph are now?”

Image and names courtesy of Audrey Souter (Whitwell), thanks to Peter Tilley for the update.

Class Of 1955

Back row: George Philliskirk, Alan Gittins, Brian Smith, John Dale, Les Jackson, Peter Kitchener, Peter Trinder?, John Toulson, Tony Lawson,  ??, John Golding,

Middle row: ??, ??, Julie Lynn, Jean Howard, ??, Denise Trussler, Wendy Pearson, Gwen Mead, Helen Nicholson, Janet Miller, Marjory Tyerman, Malcolm  Covell.

Front row: Christine Matthews, Pat Atkinson,  ??, Susan Tilburn,  ??, Helen Avery, Miss Barnes, Janet Cornforth, ??, Susan Espiner, Sheila Duck, Janet Cuthbert ,  ??.

Seated: Stephen Cross and Ian Wilkin.

Thank you again David I hope I have got the names in the right places and thank you Brian for all your help. Also thanks to Val Brennan for the update on names and assistance in dating.

Loftus Junior School (c. 1955)

The photograph was taken in the yard of the school, now Loftus Youth and Community Centre and Sure Start buildings.

Back row: Tony Wilkinson, David Blackmore, Derek Kilvington, Keith Ferguson, Alan Tebble, Keith Steyert, George Cowan, David Hebron, Billy Calvert, Howard Morrison, David Cummins, Terry George, Ian Pearson, John Grey.

Middle row: Eric Jackson, David Brown, Alan Starsmore, Allan Garbutt, Pam Edwards, Jean Smith, Christine Ebbs, Audrey Whitwell, Ann Anderson, Jean Duck.

Front row: Eileen Sayers, Lilian Smithies, Margaret Douthwaite, Barbara Bottomley, Ruth Harrison, Elizabeth Walker, Margaret Hicks.

Image and details courtesy of Audrey Souter (Whitwell).

The Fifties’ Again

Once again the names were with  the photograph, but I have altered some because I think they were wrongly named I know you will soon tell me if I am wrong.

Back row:  Robin Bielby, Joe Verrill, John Jefferson, Mike Grange, David Winspear, John Swales, Jonathan Clark.

Third row: Eric Johnson, Mike Batchelor, Harvey Walby, Peter Mortimer,  Christopher Williams,  Joyce Green, Wendy Gibson,  Shelagh Barwick, Jenny Blueitt, Mike Pearson, Fred Baldwin, Charles Peggs, Bob Ward,  Mike Hoare.

Second row:  Jean Warrell, Margaret Turnbull,  Christine Norminton, Jennifer Spearpoint, Barbara Cummings, Jean Shaw, Dorothy Bard, Dorothy Hill, Valerie Jackson, Veda Todd, Maureen Cook.

Seated: Peter Elwood, John Carter, John Oglesby.

Image courtesy of the Eric Johnson and Carolyn Richards, thanks to Eric Johnson and Carolyn Richards for the updates.

Loftus Zetland Juniors – Class 3 – 1951

Sweet and innocent these are the pupils in their last year of Loftus Junior School in 1951.

Back row: Linden Lambelle, Lawrence Bibby, Barry Matson, Michael Mathews, Philip Mortimer, John Thornton, Colin Shaw, Neil Theaker, Jimmy Fishlock, Edwin Warrell, Richard Jackson.

Second row: Pauline Cook, Margaret Vasey, Della Burdett, Masie Hewison, Ann Shaw, Joy Pledger, Joan Money, Gwen Stainthorpe, Dorothy Rouse, Sheila Mead, Marjorie Burnside.

Third row: Joanna Long,  Pat Collins,  ??,  Elizabeth Trowsdale,  Audrey Magor, Mary Young, Pat Kidd, Dorothy Maudsley, Margaret  Patton, Margaret Steyert.

Front row: Kenneth Greening, Colin Craggs, Clive Cummings, James Peart, Leslie Smith, Bobby Goldby.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

1951 Class 6 – Loftus Zetland County Junior School

Another photograph, dating from 1951 of Class 6.

Back row: Barry Starsmore, Fred Cuthbert, Doug Breckon, Gordon Simpson, Mickey Smith, Jimmy Craggs, Fred Bibby, Edgar Parker, Colin Swalwell,  Terry Kentfield,  John Mead, Col Foster.

Middle row: Kath Easton, Margaret Morley, Florence Hewison, Mike Knight, Tony Walker, Ken Craggs, Brian Burton, William Morrish, Doreen McEwan,  Jean Cuthbert, June Harrison, Sheila Cornforth.

Front row: Jean Dunbar, Jean Sawdon, June Jefferson, Val Smith, Lorna Oglesby, June Lines, Ann Pennock,  Norma Liddel, Margaret Cummings, Elsie Hunter.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.