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Warsett School 1996 Form 8P

Warsett School 1996 _Form 8P

Fourth row: Sally Haylett, Daniel Johns, Laura Benson, Becky Mitchell, Christopher Short, Louise Ayton.
Third row: Peter Atkinson, Donna Colman, Eric Tierney, Sarah Bullock, Grant Bentley, Robert Hood.
Second row: Antony Webb, Gareth Calvert, Laura Christian, Michael Harrison, Vicky Bell, Yvonne Maude, Emma Hallams, Craig Wilson.
Front row: Andrew Bradley, Daniel Bryant, Joanne Hambley, Stephen McIntosh, Mr B. Christie (Form Tutor), Craig Jones, Emma Day, Samantha Ashurst, James Rhind.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 10S

Warsett School 1996 - Form 10S

Back row: Daniel Placzek, Sam Felton, Daniela Raspison, Faye Russell, Katrina Day, Sarah Dale, Colin Clements.
Middle row: Sarah Mitchell, Claire Spence, Emma Carter, Michelle Mays, Kerry Hogarth, Natalie Armstrong, Michelle Jefferson, Sara Whyman.
Front row: Don McLeod, Robert Breckon, Richard Johns, Daniel Longster, Mr M. Stephenson (Form Tutor), Ben Temple, Jonathan Ramsey, Matthew Groves, Anthony Ward.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 11M

Warsett School 1996 - Form 11M

Back row: John Honeyman, Craig Herbert, Gareth Breckon, Vicki Sherran, Jaclyn Barnes, Daniel Wilson, Robbie Stevenson.
Middle row: Paul Hutchinson, Peter Johnson, Peter Robinson Sarah Overfield, Tracy Marshall, Matthew Jackson, Mark Atkinson, Jamie Manning.
Front row: Sarah Harrison, Mark Taberner, Sarah Postgate, Daniel Shepherd, Mrs A. McKenna (form tutor), Martin Wildmore, Daniel Hewitt, Caroline Clark, Erika Readman.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 11P

Warsett School 1996 - Form 11P

Back row: Scott Thompson, Dawn Curnow, David Cook.
Middle row: Emma Cuthbert, Gary Jenkinson, Emma Riddiough, Carl Harrison, Lee Preston, Samantha Curnow, Dale Skidmore, Kate Tennant.
Front row: Brenda Dobson, Alison Duff, Katie Lawrence Raychelle Berry, Mrs C. Faulkner (form tutor), Claire McGurl, Cherry Glasgow, Lindsey Cook, Helen Harker.
Sitting: Katie Barton.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 11K

Warsett School 1996 - Form 11K

Back row: James Thompson, Daniel Griffiths, David Maxwell, Alex Evans, Michael McAuley.
Middle row: Vikky Brown, Samantha Noble, Dean Forrest, Laura Noble,Leanne Porritt, Kevin Johnson, Louise McKee, Derek Pearson.
Front row: Martyn Darby, Donna Groves, Lee Pearce, Lisa Cryer, Mrs L. Knox (form tutor), Gemma Butcher, Michael Jeffels, Amanda Cowen, Daniel Murrell.
Image courtesy of Lee Archer.

Warsett School – 1996 – Form 9F

Warsett School - 1996 - Form 9F

Form 9F this time.

Back row: Marc Taylor, Pamela Thomas, Carol Carter, Emma Gilligan, David Lawson.

Middle row: Michael Jackson, Carla Vaughan, Gareth Johns, Robin Smaling, Helen Brown, Daniel Wrigley.

Front row: Paul Agar, Daniel Waters, Yvonne Brown, Miss A. Fenton (Form Tutor), Kayna Hunt, Mark Laker, Glenn Smith.

Image courtesy of Lee Archer and the names.

Warsett School – 1996 – Form 11C

Warsett School - 1996 - Form 11C

Another official Tempest photograph from 1996.

Back row: Craig Glass, Lisa Boyes, Mark Guy.

Middle row: Craig Metcalf, James Walker, Gary Simpson, Wendy Riggs, Shaun Garrett, Joanne Wilson.

Front row: Pippa Smaling, Garry Crawford, Mark Walker, Mr I. Cooke (Form Tutor), Stuart Lyon, Michael Tyreman, Sarah Power.

Seated: Diane Irvine.

Image courtesy of Lee Archer, also kindly providing the names.

Kilton House – Brotton Senior School (Boys) – 1950

Brotton Senior School (Boys) Kilton House in 1950 (remember how the old senior schools were divided into houses?) pictured in front of the older and smaller building which housed the school. Long before the school moved down to the site now known as Freeborough Academy – previously Brotton County Modern, then Warsett – and then Brotton Base of Freeborough Community College. Julie Riddiough tells us: ”My grandad is in this picture: middle row centre behind the boy with the sign.” David Manship tells us: “I am on front row,second from right”.

Are you in this picture, please tell us?

Image kindly loaned by Trevor Metcalfe – he is in the photograph – anybody else out there? Also thanks to Julie Riddiough and David Manship for the updates.

Warsett School – 1996

An ongoing little quiz, and the archive asked for help. We had the date, but had no idea of the class or members.

Back row: Gemma Brooks, Lisa Booker, Carol Clark,Gemma Kitchener, Donna Burgess, Kirsty Gribbin, mma Wilde, Vicky Cooke, Gemma Cook.

Middle row: Matthew Storr, Gary Scott, Aaron Emptage, Nicky Johnson, Steven Hugill, Andrew Hutchinson, Michael Guinnet, Richard Ramsay, William ?, Michael McPhillips.

Front row: Nicky Whitehead, Helen Bradley, Terri Sawdon, Megan Lofthouse, Mrs Clarke (teacher), Sarah Cuthbert, Sonia Johnson, Laura Ash, Mark Smith.

Image courtesy of Lee Archer, as well as update and thanks to Melissa Ellis, Claire Harker, Doona Burge and Helen Bradley for the updates.

Warsett School 1996 – Form 10R

A view of Mr Weir’s class. Back row: Colin Martin, Jane Hudson, Tina Hagar, Sam Cuthbert, Julie Tait, Kelly Oxendale, Dale Jeffels.

Middle row: Kay De Brincat, Gemma Doe, Helen Wilson, Amanda Carver, Beverley Walshaw, Kay Griffiths, Kerry Johnson, Rachel Taylor.

Front row: Rachel Schumm, Joe Codling, Mark Holmes, Stephen Mann, Mr S. Weir, Simon Nelson, James Martin, Lee Thompson, Vicky Holliday.

Image and names courtesy of Lee Archer.