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Here It Is.

Here It Is.

This is the pleasure park and the caption tells all.

A Walk Along The Prom To Take The Air.

A lovely day it looks for the ladies taking a stroll along the promenade at Redcar, not much wind by the look of the ladies dresses; notice the bathing hut on the beach.

Redcar Pier

Redcar Pier

A lovely shot of the front at Redcar in the 1930s, showing the pier, I remember going dancing there but there was no pier left then.

South Gare Sail Train

So you think that sand yachts are modern! This beautifully quaint contraption took V.I.Ps, Military servicemen and Lighthouse crew out to the Lighthouse and Gun installations at the end of South Gare. Robin Jones in ”Britain’s Bizarre Railways” has details of the South Gare Sail Trolley from the 1895 period. As we discover more details regarding the sail train which come to light we will update this comment. The sail trains apparently operated in other situations. We will be uploading the additional images and information shortly.
Image courtesy of Mike Holliday.

Sail Train

The lighthouse at the termination of the South Gare was supported by a sail train; this image is believed to be from the official opening to the Lighthouse at the South Gare. A similar conveyance operated to the Lighthouse at Spurn Point; instead of an Engine Driver, we have a sailor as Helmsman, we wonder what A.S.L.E.F (Rail Union) would make of it today?

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday.

Redcar Coastal Defences

An image of The Stray at Redcar looking a lot different to The Stray today; coastal defences were an essential part of World War II, with the ever present threat of invasion.

Marske Sands

A very evocative image of old Marske.  A group of Victorians taking the air while a fisherman digs for worms in the foreground.  Still a very photogenic view to this day, largely unchanged except for the addition of a tractor or two.  Maybe with the regeneration that is taking place in Marske we’ll see the old bandstand and gardens back again!