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A Beautiful Boat

Here come the questions again, why was it decorated and when was it? 

Julie Riddiough wondered: “Is the lifeboat called the Burton on Trent and presented to Redcar for service, the boat served from 1867 to 1884. I actually have a postcard of this boat, possibly celebrating the retirement of the boat. This image could well be related to such an event.” Fred Brunskill came to the Archive’s aid with: ”This photograph is of the ‘Brothers’ which was an RNLI Self Righter and served from 1884 until 1907, being responsible for saving 71 lives. This photograph was taken on lifeboat day August 1892 – eight years after the Burton on Trent left Redcar.”

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday; thanks to Julie Riddiough and Fred Brunskill for the updates.

On Your Marks

Yes here we are again racing on the sands at Redcar and this time it’s motor bikes.

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday.

Redcar High Street 1908

Redcar High Street in 1908; the old Red Lion hotel would be somewhere on the left of this image. Bill Danby advised: ”The Annual Camps of the Territorial Forces were held all over the country and Redcar was a regular venue for the camps along with other usually seaside places. The hard training camps were seen as a holiday by lads who spent the rest of the year down pits and in factories. The local 4th Yorkshire Battalion, Territorial Force were else where in this year but did have their camp at Redcar in 1913.

Image and information courtesy of Bill Danby.

General French

A further postcard on the occasion of General French’s visit to the Annual Camp of the Territorial Force at Redcar in 1908. General French was in command of the British Army at the start of the First World War until May 1915.

Image and information courtesy of Bill Danby.

The “Terriers” Arrive

1909 when once again the Territorial Soldiers arrive at Redcar station for the annual camp. This area of Redcar Station now being car parks; the bridge carrying Locke Road visible in the background.

Image and information courtesy of Bill Danby.

Boagey’s shop Redcar

This view of Boagey’s shop in Redcar is much changed from the present day situation on the corner of Millbank Terrace in Redcar, at the junction with Station Road and Coatham Road. The shop front has changed and is now Marco’s 2 takeaway, but the ironwork has not been lost and is now stored at Kirkleatham Museum. Owen Rooks advised: “This is definitely Redcar; the Evening  Gazette ”Remember When” of July 2010, where ’Then and Now’ photographs included this end of Station Road.”

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday, thanks to Fred Brunskill, Mark T. and Owen Rooks for the updates.

Redcar Square

Fisherman’s Square at Redcar with the oldest Lifeboat in the world in the foreground  ’The Zetland’. Fisherman’s Square is behind and to the east of the former Arriva (United) bus station on Redcar High Street. Fred Brunskill tells us: ”The Zetland was credited to having saved over 500 lives in her years of service and can still be seen in the old boathouse on the Esplanade.”

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday, thanks to Fred Brunskill for the update.

Formula One?

In it’s early stages maybe, but actually it is motor racing on Redcar beach. In 1950 Middlesbrough & District Motor Club held races on the beach between Redcar and Marske. There were a series of races; motorcycles, salon cars and presumably these featured in the image. Did you ever go?

mage courtesy of Mike Holliday.

A Close Up!

This is a close up of one of the cars on the previous photograph, with many admiring people, not as we know racing cars today. Fred Brunskill tells us: ”An 1933 MG owned and driven by Robert Clark rounds the end of the course at Marske. Originally a two seater but it was converted to a single seater for racing.”

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday, thanks to Fred Brunskill for the update.

Did You Roller Skate Here?

Yes it’s the skating rink at Redcar, pity it isn’t still there, but with health and safety now you would have to wear helmets, knee pads, elbow pads; too tired to skate by the time you had got ready. Fred Brunskill tells us: ”The roller skating rink was on the site of the old outdoor swimming baths in the Coatham Enclosure and were built at a cost of £ 10,000 and opened in 1951 to commemorate the Festival of Britain.”

This image provoked many memories; Alan Franks with: “I remember it well, I lived at Redcar during the 1950s .I was about the age of 11 or 12 when I used to go flying round with my mates as fast as we could to try and impress the girls.” Steve Comiskey asked: “The site of the old roller skating rink has been redeveloped as “Tuned In!@ MyPlace”. I would be grateful for any feedback about the date it was constructed as I have RAF aerial photographs dated 23rd July 1940 which show an oval structure on the site which seems to contradict the 1951 date.” Sara Goodswen added: “I remember skating here in the 1950s. Recall going change into short skating skirt downstairs in the changing areas.” Susan Munn added: “I went from 10 year old walking there and back with skates over my back to Tees Road. Ian Taylor with: “Remember going into the rink after the baths 6.00 till 7.00 session. I’m looking for information or photographs of the ‘Bug’ cinema in Dormanstown.” Alan Etherington concluded with: “Going to Redcar indoor baths for the 6 to 7 session there was always the current pop music of the day blasting out from the skating rink, often Guy Mitchell.

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday; thanks to Fred Brunskill, Alan Franks, Steve Comiskey, Sara Goodswen, Susan Munn, Ian Taylor, Alan Etherington and for the updates.