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Junior Staff 1985?

Once again the exact date of the photograph was not known and we asked for help. Gemma Hand tolds us: ”Mrs Barker left the year after I got to Juniors, so this has to be before 1986.”

Members of the staff are: Back row: Mrs. Sansom, Mrs. Himsworh, Mr. Sayers, Mr. Forster, Mr. Sayers, Mrs. Barker, Mr. Colam.

Front row: Mrs. Caley, Mrs. Toulson, Mrs. Leybourne, Mr. Beedle, Miss Long, Mrs. Lester, Mrs. Blades.

We received the following request from Audrey Coupland (nee Caley): “I have seen, the name Caley, On quite a few of your pictures. My maiden name was Caley. I would very much like to speak, to any Caley`s in and around the Skinningrove areas. As my great uncle James Caley lived their with is wife Fanny in 1880s and had a large family of 12 children.”

Image and names courtesy of Marian Toulson. also thanks to Mr Sayers and Gemma Hand for updates.

Junior School Staff – Out in the Sun

Believed to have been taken in June 1979, prior to the opening of Hummersea Primary, Mr Beedle and staff enjoy the sunshine.

Back row: Mrs Leybourne, Mr Colam, Mr Sayers, Mr McKenna, Mr Forster, Mr Beedle, Mrs Himsworth.

Middle row: Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Bell, Mrs Barker.

Front row: Mrs Blades, Mrs Merriweather, Miss Noble, Miss Munday, Mrs Shail, Miss Long, Mrs Toulson.
Image and names courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Dave Mckenna for the dating of the image.

1979? – Ready for PE?

Staff at Loftus Junior School we think in 1979.

Standing: Mr Colam, Mrs Barker, Mr Beedle, Mrs Blades, Mr McKenna, Mrs Sansom.

Seated: Mrs Metcalfe, Miss Long, Mrs Toulson, Mrs Shail, Miss Mundy, Mrs Leybourne.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson

A Retirement Do

Mr Beedle’s retirement and the staff present are;

Back row: Mrs. C. Nutbrown, Mr. T. Sayers, Mrs. S. Sansom, ??, Mrs. S. Welsby, Miss. V. Keaney, Mrs. Redding, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Perkins, Mr. Hart.

Front row: Mrs Toulson, Mrs Himsworth, Mrs. Steele, Mr. Beedle, Mrs. Metcalfe, Miss. Long, Mrs. Sanderson.

Image and names courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Loftus Junior School Staff 1997/8

This image caused a lot of debate regarding dating; we now know the staff to be:

Back row: Mrs S. Redding, Mrs. S. Doe, Mr I. Scott, Mrs H Ward, Miss J. Longster, Mrs. S. Sansom.

Front row: Miss V. Ogden, Mrs. K. Sanderson, Mrs J. Dadd, Mr. D. Parks, Mrs. G. Thomas, Mrs. S. Metcalfe , Mrs. M. Toulson.

Alexandra tells us: ”I was at Loftus Junior School between 1998 and 2003, all these teachers taught me. I think it is probably 2000, as I think Miss Ogden left in 2000.” We now believe the image was taken in 1997/8; as James McGill tells us: ”I left Loftus Juniors in September 2000 and my mum (Mrs McGill) was a teacher there for my last two years there and she’s not in the photograph. I think this is possibly 1997/8 school year. Mrs Ward (then Miss Knight) started a year before my mum came to the school. It was also Mr Parks first year as head teacher.”

Image and names courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks also to J. Kames, David McGill and Alexandra for assistance in the specific date of the image.

Mrs Leybourne and her Class Of 1976

Mrs Leybourne with her class of 1976:

Back row (Left to right): Sharon Main, Caroline Tilley, Mark Jones, Dvid Etherington, Clive Pearson, Andrew Husband, Neil Yeoman, Elaine Riley, Mandy Richardson, ? Simpson, Mark Hanson.

Middle Row: Amanda Wilson, ??, Vanessa Blood, Tricia Nicholson, Akelda Barber, Karen Morrison, Amanda Evans Stone, Paul Garbutt, Paul Ritchie, Andrew Parkes, Elliott Carr.

Front row: Paula Toulson, Alison Cockerill, Susan Agar, Louise Dunn, Susan Heseltine.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves 1977

The title says it all, the pupils at Loftus Junior School all dressed up are:

Amanda Stone, Caroline Allison, Sharon Main, Caroline Tilley,Vanessa Blood, Conrad Heworth, Andrew Simpson, Andrew Husband, Paula Toulson,Mark Jones, Tricia Nicholson, Elaine Riley, Amanda Richardson, Mandy ? ?, Susan Heseltine.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Mrs Leybourne and Class

Mrs Leybourne with some of her class I presume, but what are they doing? Is it a sports day? Some of the named pupils are:- Keith Lindsey, Gary Yarker, Shaun Grey, Kevin Patton and on right Mike Allison. Can anybody help with other names?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

On The Way To Scotland

Here are the pupils on the way to Scotland or more accurately they are already there; with the Forth Bridge behind them. If you were one of these pupils or can name any of them then please do so, thank you.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Did You Climb Up Here?

Mr McKenna at the top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, during one of the regular Scotland trips; were you one of those up there with him?  If so can you tell us the date?
Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.