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Summer 1957 at the Infant School

A larger staff are now assembled.
Standing at the back: Miss Smith, Miss Goldsborough, Miss Norminton, Miss Yates.
Seated: ??, Miss Coser, Miss Hogan, Miss Dixon, Miss Harland.
Perhaps the names are incorrectly placed, can you help to name all the staff in 1957?
Image and names to date courtesy of Hazel Jefferson (nee Barker).

New School Hall 1954

Opened in May 1954, this view from the hall of Harry Dack Infant School is looking towards the offices. Can anybody remember their first day in this school?
Image courtesy of Hazel Jefferson (nee Barker).

Infant Staff 1954

Possibly the first staff photograph in the new school in 1954, can we have assistance with names?
Back row: ??, ??, ??.
Seated: Miss Elizabeth Hamilton, Miss Goldsborough, Mrs Gornall, Miss Leybourne.

Janet Wilson tells us: “The teacher seated 3rd from the left is the same one who appears in your classroom photo from the mid 50s. Mrs Gornall. The teacher seated on the far right bears a striking resemblance to Miss Leybourne who taught in the junior school when I was there in the mid 60s”. Ray Brown has advised: “If this picture was taken in 1954 I would have attended the Harry Dack School at that time – There was a Teacher by the name of Miss Fitzsimmons I think, but not a 100% sure that she could be the Lady in the middle of the back row, perhaps it may jog someone’s memory once they see the name”.

Image courtesy of Hazel Jefferson (nee Barker), also thanks to Janet Wilson and Ann Jackson for names to date. Many thanks to Ray Brown for possible name of the teacher, which the Archive can confirm was a Miss Fitzsimmons.


Zetland Infants Christmas

A Christmas Play, at Loftus Zetland Infants School, 1947 or 1948. Left to right: Veda Todd, Mary Shaw, Eric Johnson, Miss Goldsbrough, Chris Williams (Santa), Eric Lancaster, Judith Dean, Jackie Duncan, Christopher Beeden.

Image and names courtesy of Eric Johnson.

Loftus Infants Group IV

The board displayed by the class sums up our knowledge of this group. We have no date, but believe it to be from the 1890s or names, can anybody assist?

Image courtesy of Sandra Hutchinson.

Mrs Hitchen’s Class – 1971

Is it Christmas or was it just an end of term concert, were you there? Don’t be shy give us your name.

Joanne Welford tells us: ”This was taken in Mrs Hitchen’s classroom at Harry Dack Infants 1977. The performance, I think, was the Golden Goose; I was a lady in waiting (with a pointy hat) and I seem to remember that Ruth Bowers was the princess.” Mark Hudson tells us: ”I am the one third in from the right on the front row.looks like im holding the dog.Great memories.” Kim Lindley believes: ”Pretty certain little boy about fourth from left, front row is Wayne Pursley. Blue cardigan and brown trousers”.

Image courtsey of Mrs Cynthia Sakaropoulus and thanks to Joanne Welford, Mark Hudson and Kim Lindley for the updates.

Loftus Group 4

A Loftus Zetland school photograph taken about 1902-1904. Lynda Robinson who loaned us the photograph tells us: “second row from the top left to right, school teacher then John Barret he would have been the oldest boy in the school. He was 3 or 4 years older than my father Charles Ditchburn born 1897 standing next to the headmaster on the right, whose name was Mr James Thomas Dann. Can you see anyone you recognise on this photograph please tell!

Norman Patton comments: “There are very few young ladies in this photograph! Would that be something to do with social attitudes at that time? Maybe there was a degree of segregation at the school or perhaps there was a subscription required and the girls were a low priority.”

Image and information courtesy of Malcolm Ditchburn (son of Charles Ditchburn in the photograph) it was brought to us by his daughter Lynda Robinson; thanks to Norman Patton for the comment. 

Harry Dack Class, 1954

This photograph was taken in a classroom in Harry Dack Infant School in the mid fifties.  The school was opened in 1954, so everything would still be fresh and new for these children.  David Morris is the boy in the dark jacket, sitting at the front desk.  We asked ”Who are the other children and the teacher?”  Kathleen Oyediran tells us: ”I am the sister of David Morris in this picture. The name of the teacher was Mrs Gornall. She used to teach all the girls Sewing.” However we were advised by Barbara McBurney: ”Mrs Gornall taught  sewing at Loftus County Modern School and later Rosecroft, I attended Harry Dack Infant School from Christmas 1955, Mrs Gornall was not teaching there then.” Kathleen further advised us: ”My brother David, in this picture, was born in 1947. Therefore he would be 5 in 1952 and 7 in 1954, so he would have been in Infant school from 1952 to 1954, moving into Harry Dack after it opened in 1954. This picture must have been taken during this period. I agree Mrs Gornall taught Sewing at Loftus County Modern School during my time at the school.” Ann Jackson has also told us: ”I remember both Mr and Mrs Gornall. They both taught at Loftus School but were based at Carlin How as was Mrs Wheatman who taught cookery for the first 2 years I was there then they all transferred to the new school. Mrs Gornall as Barbara says taught sewing and Mr  Gornall  taught woodwork.” Eric Johnson can also remember Mr Gornall teaching woodwork at Carlin How.

Image courtesy of David Morris and thanks to Kathleen Margaret Oyediran (nee Morris), Eric Johnson, Barbara McBurney and Ann Jackson for the updates.

Back To 1951?

I am guessing that it is the early 50’s and the names I have been given for these pupils are:-

Back row: Alan Scott, Billy Money, Terry Kentfield, Robert Bradley, Mike Jones, Graham Dawson, ??,  John Willis, Richard King.

Third row: Elsie hunter, Sheila Roe, Margaret Bannister, Jean Verrill, Barbara Southwick, Barbara Vasey, Maureen body, Florence Hewison, Maureen Jefferson, Mary Theaker, Pauline Ferguson.

Second row: Ann Winspear, Dorothy Johnson, Marjorie Roe, Dorothy Pledger,  ??,  June Allison, Eileen Benson, Jean Ward, Pat Morrison, Rosamund Lambelle, Ann Starsmore.

Front row: Neil Dale,  Roger Hall,  Keith Bunney, Ian Smith, Colin Forster, Frank Winspear, Peter Spearpoint.

Any spelling mistakes I apologise for these are the names as they were written on the photograph, do you know the missing ones?

Image and information courtesy of Ian Smith.

Out for a Walk – May 1984

Mrs Yeoman’s class from Harry Dack Infants; stopped for a quick snap beside the road to Liverton Mines, after walking under the railway bridge.  Mrs Jemson is with us. Edward Douthwaite advises: “I can’t see myself on any of the pictures, but I’m fairly certain that I will have been out on the walk that day. How nostalgic seeing all of these images, from 30 years ago. I can’t believe that we were all so young. Wait until I show my kids, they’ll love it!” Whilst Rob Burn adds: “I have been doing some family history research and my family, the Burn family, lived at 1 East Terrace from 1861 with the Douthwaites later becoming neighbours. I have an inscribed bible they gave to my grandfather when he became a master mariner around 1910.”

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman, thanks to Edward Douthwaite and Rob Burn for the updates.