Brook House, Skinningrove

Brook House, Skinningrove to give its’ correct postal and census address or as it was known The Gas House.It was the personal accommodation for the Manager of the Gas Works, shown in this image after the closure of the site. Purpose built in the 1870’s the house stood beside the Showroom and close to the footbridge which crossed Skinningrove Beck beside Angling Green. This is the first of a series of photographs of the Gas Works after closure and before final demolition, hence the buildings are all boarded up! Do you remember the gas holders behind the wall?

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

Upleatham Street School, Saltburn

Dating from July 1953; the pupils and Miss Norma Clay (Teacher) of the nine year olds class of Upleatham Infant and Junior School, Saltburn assembled for their class photograph. Alan Collins has memories of the schools: “This picture was taken in the courtyard front of the Junior School classes. The Infant School classes were at right angles to the right of this photograph, with a large lawned garden on the other side. This courtyard playground extended to a walled entrance to the left, which had a gate leading to Randolph Street, and opposite the rear of he classrooms facing Upleatham St  were some separately built toilets, next to a high perimeter wall.  This courtyard was the main playground area, and the infants had the lawned garden area facing south. A shop was on the corner of Lune Street, where we all went to buy sweets. I think it was run by Mr Harrison. In the winter we created a long ice slide down the middle of where there was a drainage channel, where water gathered and iced over in the winter; when we blocked the drain for that purpose. In the summer we used that channel to race our dinky cars.”  Alan can identify some people in the photograph; himself (middle of back row), others include: Alan Thompson, Jennifer ?, J. Hayward, Barry Thompson, J. Lince, D. Jones and J. Biscomb. Can anybody assist with names?

Image and details courtesy of Alan Collins.

A Liverton Mines or Loftus Wedding?

This was the wedding of Louis McGuire and Ronnie Patton; however the location is still unsure, can anybody assist with both location and a date. The bride was Louis McGuire and the groom Ronnie Patton (Norman Patton’s aunt and uncle).  To the right of Ronnie is Betty McGuire (who was a Post Lady at Loftus for many years), to the left of Betty is ‘Tie Pin’ Ted Winspear!  Norman Patton advises :”The picture could be Loftus or Liverton Mines,  I guess?  The likely date is around mid 1940s?” Can anybody assist?

Image and details courtesy of Norman Patton.

Hummersea House

Entitled Hummersea House, this image is more recognisable to many as Hummersea Farmhouse. Hummersea Farm was originally built for the Manager of the Alum quarries and works, the farm house being built to the right in an ’L’ shape layout. The photographer obviously ensure the whole family were in view when he arrived to take this image, all in their best clothes? Perhaps somebody can identify the family?

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

National Provincial Bank – Loftus

Alas no longer a bank, this building in later years and before it finally closed it was better known as the Natwest. I can remember there being a National Provincial bank, becoming the National Westminster bank and then Natwest. How the interior of the building changed would be apparent to all who used the building in later years.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

Loftus Frozen Waterfall 1929

Obviously it was a cold winter in 1929! This postcard view give a dramatic view of the intensity of the cold weather, the waterfall appears as a solid wall of ice. Brrrr.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

Lumley Street Loftus

Another early view of Loftus; the are of Loftus known to many of the older generation as ‘The Brickyard’; being close to the original brick production yard near the Mars Inn (originally Mars Farmhouse). The style of dress of the young lads lounging against the window of number 1, give and idea of the date.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

Cliff Crescent Loftus

An early view of Cliff Crescent, Loftus; this view of the Crescent will be familiar to all who travel through Loftus after ascending Loftus bank. The pony and trap on the incorrect side of the road gives an idea of how light the traffic flow would be at the time this postcard view was a good start. Such an activity today, discounting the vehicles kerbside parked would be a recipe for disaster.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive.

The Saltburn Cafe 6

This final image finally has some staff(?) in view, that is the assumption; with a person behind the cafe counter. Although the two ladies in the door way can also be seen in the first interior view; standing in the double doors looking out over the front steps from the corner of Spa Bank and the lower promenade. Do you know whom they are?

Image and information courtesy of Reg Wilson, additional information courtesy of Ancestry, Find My Past and Callum Brown.

The Saltburn Cafe 5

This fourth interior view (which if in the correct sequence should go between images 2 and 3), has a noticeboard which includes a poster for “The Little Theatre – Cabaret” with the opening night on July 9th. Year unknown, as yet; perhaps one of our watchers can assist? As with other pictures in this sequence, very few customers can be seen.

Image and information courtesy of Reg Wilson, additional information courtesy of Ancestry, Find My Past and Callum Brown.