1992 Dinner Ladies

Our Dinner ladies in 1992 were: Marlene Noble, Eileen Mead, Cynthia White, Carole Yeoman, Christine Garner.
Image and names courtesy of Cynthia White.

Dinner Ladies 1987

All in a row this time: Heather Kilvington, Carole Yeoman, Cynthia White, Eileen McLeod, Janice Simpson.
Image and names to date courtesy of Cynthia White; with thanks to Janice Simpson for the missing name.

Dinner Ladies 1984

A larger group of Catering staff and our Dinner ladies. Back row: Heather Kilvington, Carole Yeoman, Brenda Rutland.
Front row: Cynthia White, Margaret Shaw, Deborah MacMillan, Janice Simpson, Mrs Wilkinson, Gwen Husband, Christine ?.
Image and names (so far) courtesy of Cynthia White, also many thanks to Roger Barwick and Margaret Atkinson for the updates.

Dinner Ladies Again

Our team is: Shirley Kentfield, Cynthia White, Carole Yeoman, ??, Christine Garner.

The group of as yet an unknown year and we need help with some names?
Image and names courtesy of Cynthia White.

Christmas at the Co-op

Loftus Co-op, 1950-1960s. Christmas with the staff of the grocery department:-
Left to right, Frank Winspear, Mary Smallwood, Margaret Vasey, Pam Smith, Marjorie Rigg, Ruth Webster, Audrey Magor, Graham Weed.
Two men seated, Harry Waite, George Scaife.

Many thanks to Keith Cook and Michael Matthews for the update on names. Keith has happy memories of the Co-op where he worked before moving away and has now gained contact with Marjorie.

November 1986 Dinner Ladies

Busy days in the dinner hall, but time for an excellent image by Tempest (School Photographers)!
Back row: Ann Tremain, Eileen Mead, Janice Simpson, Heather Kilvington.
Front row: Cynthia White, Liz Walker, Brenda Rutland, Judy Green, Carole Yeoman.
Image and names courtesy of Cynthia White.

Harry Dack Dinner Ladies 1980?

Assembled in 198o? the ladies are:
Back row (left to right): Glenda ?, Claire Templeman, ??.
Front row: Mary Hall, Joyce Thompson, Cynthia White, Bertha Found, Eileen Hicks.
Image and names, courtesy of Cynthia White.

Castleton and Danby War Memorial

Castleton and Danby War Memorial

The memorial stands in open moorland on Ainthorpe Lane, Castleton; serving as the memorial for both Castleton & Danby. This image possibly dates from the dedication of the memorial in October 1921, by Viscount Downe and Baron Dawnay.

Loftus Senior School 1947ish?

Loftus Senior School 1947ish?

We have a little puzzle for you all, can you fill in the names of this school photograph and assist with the year?
Back row: Mr Norminton, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Don Bowers, ??, ??, ??, Mrs Best.
Third row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Brenda Lightfoot, Ann Edwards, ??, ??, ??, ??, Clarence White.
Second row: ??, ??, ??, Claire Boothby, ??, ??, Enid Hill, ??, Nancy Peart, Elaine Kilvington, Mary Cole.
Front row (on floor): Colin Atkinson, ??, ??.
Image courtesy of Brenda Lightfoot and thanks to Ray Brown for the update.

Loftus Senior School 1945ish?

Loftus Senior School 1945ish?

Mr Davey’s class are all present and Mr Normintonb has joined them for their class photograph.
Back row: Mr Davey, Alan Hodgson, Alan Johns, Frank Hollinworth, Donald Bowers, Alan Fletcher, Albert Maguire, Alan Morrison, Malcolm Whitlock, Donald Swales, Mr Norminton.
Middle row: Colin Trattles, Dennis Sawdon, Edith Simpson, Edna Noble, Mary Chadwick, Ann Edwards, Brenda Lightfoot, Marjorie Parkin, Barbara Cook, Clarence White, Colin Atkinson.
Front row: Elaine Kilvington, Audrey Coultas, Mary Cole, Enid Hill, Sylvia Hewison, Clair Boothby, Gerda Ditchburn, Nancy Peart, Margaret Graham.
Image and names courtesy of Brenda Lightfoot; many thanks to Cynthia White for the update.