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Did You Roller Skate Here?

Yes it’s the skating rink at Redcar, pity it isn’t still there, but with health and safety now you would have to wear helmets, knee pads, elbow pads; too tired to skate by the time you had got ready. Fred Brunskill tells us: ”The roller skating rink was on the site of the old outdoor swimming baths in the Coatham Enclosure and were built at a cost of £ 10,000 and opened in 1951 to commemorate the Festival of Britain.”

This image provoked many memories; Alan Franks with: “I remember it well, I lived at Redcar during the 1950s .I was about the age of 11 or 12 when I used to go flying round with my mates as fast as we could to try and impress the girls.” Steve Comiskey asked: “The site of the old roller skating rink has been redeveloped as “Tuned In!@ MyPlace”. I would be grateful for any feedback about the date it was constructed as I have RAF aerial photographs dated 23rd July 1940 which show an oval structure on the site which seems to contradict the 1951 date.” Sara Goodswen added: “I remember skating here in the 1950s. Recall going change into short skating skirt downstairs in the changing areas.” Susan Munn added: “I went from 10 year old walking there and back with skates over my back to Tees Road. Ian Taylor with: “Remember going into the rink after the baths 6.00 till 7.00 session. I’m looking for information or photographs of the ‘Bug’ cinema in Dormanstown.” Alan Etherington concluded with: “Going to Redcar indoor baths for the 6 to 7 session there was always the current pop music of the day blasting out from the skating rink, often Guy Mitchell.

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday; thanks to Fred Brunskill, Alan Franks, Steve Comiskey, Sara Goodswen, Susan Munn, Ian Taylor, Alan Etherington and for the updates.

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  • A.N.Andrew

    I think you may have your dates wrong the skating rink was just outside the indoor swimming baths where used to go every two weeks in the late forties early fifty’s up to 1953 and never saw anyone using it onlooking on the inside it didn’t looked like it had been used for some time.

  • Wendy

    “SKATING RINK FOR REDCAR. A skating rink is now in course of erection in Redcar-road, Redcar, and will be ready for opening to the public on or before Whit -Monday. The site is on the Berland Estate, close to the Railway crossing…” Published: Thursday 13 May 1909 in the Newspaper: Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough

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