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Hutton Street, Skinningrove.

Hutton Street near the bottom of Nixon’s bank and the shops that used to serve the people of Skinningrove.  Ivy and Bobby Garbutt feature in the image, fondly remember by villagers. Ivy and Bob used to live in Furnace Cottages at Carlin How before moving to the end house on Hutton Street; next door to John and Jean Spedding. Jim, their son lived on Marine Terrace.  The street and shops now sadly demolished.

Image courtesy of Graham Smith and grateful thanks to Skinningrove History Group for the updated information.

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  • Jenny Fox

    I’m trying to find relatives or anyone know if the Garbutt family. My great grandfather was Stephen Garbutt Married to Sarah Ann Slater, they had my grandmother Sarah Ann Garbutt in 1884 at 14 Bells Huutts Carlin How. I know by previous communication that these were pulled down many years ago but wondered if there were any relatives or know of photos of this particular family. I don’t know what happened to them or when they moved just my grandmothers birth certificate. I also have her death certificate, my grandma Sarah Ann June died in Nottinghamshire Any info to help to progress will do.

  • A Andrew

    The two shops in the picture: on theleft one was Thompson’s Hardware, the right one was Nixon’s general store, the archway to the left led to some steps that took you up to Ridley Terrace.

  • Susan Bailey

    Mr and Mrs Darts was the far end taken over by my mum Christine Hewison and I remember ivy garbutt coming into the shop frequently.

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