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Snow on Old Boulby Bank, Loftus

With Cowbar Nab in the distance, this view down old Boulby Road towards Staithes, certainly gives a lasting impression of the depth of snow. Towering over the little Fiat (?) car as it follows the cut out passage. Taken from a newspaper cutting and believed to date from the 1960’s or possibly 1970’s.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and thanks to Derick Pearson for confirmation of the view.

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  • Jericlin

    Post war rear engine Fiat 500 in all probability

  • This would be winter if 1963/64. We had an Australian staying with us one weekend, and after watching Ready Steady Go (classic pop show before Top of the Pops!) on TV on the the Friday night we went (at about 10/10.30pm snow drifting. We left Loftus market place and went up North Road and on to Micklow Lane.The heavy drifted snow had been dug out by tractor/JCB (the local farmers used to dig snow out on lanes like Micklow) going past what was Joe Wilkinson’s farm (still last one on left).A little further (about where the covered reservoir is on the right), digging at come to a stop and we were faced with a wall of snow at hedge top height. The Australian (who was in part staying with us because he had never seen snow before) then asked us what was it was like to walk on snow. Try it and see was the reply. He just sank thigh deep into it. The lane was hedge top high with drifted snow all the way up to Boulby. Those were the days!

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