Loftus Drift

There’s an almost surreal look to this image – I’m having a job deciding whether it’s the real thing or an elaborate photographic studio set piece!

This must be the travelling drift, because there’s no sign of any rails for tubs to run on.  It looks like a full shift, right down to the trapper lads.  It can’t be too early on because there are Davey Safety Lamps in view, although no safety helmets.  Shot Cannisters are in evidence, but no picks.

Can anyone name any of these men?

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.

1 comment to Loftus Drift

  • Danny Plews

    Could it have been an Escape Exit, we didn’t have this in the Skelton pits because we had to go down in a cage.
    It is very baffling to say the least.

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