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Liverton Mines

Liverton Mines, but not as we know it today, what date would you put on this photograph. Ray Brown tells us: ”The area the children are playing on will now form part of the row of houses known as Liverton Road and by the style of the Liverton Road Houses I would suspect these were built in the 1930s – so my guess is circa 1910-20s? Google Earth says the Houses facing are called St. George’s Terrace – not quite sure on that one, I can say that the end one was once occupied by Sister Grace Parks – a staunch Methodist.”

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and thanks to Ray Brown and Raymond Wilkinson for the updates.

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  • Raymond (Ray) Wilkinson

    These house are Cliff(e) Terrace, built in the 1890s. In the early 20thC they were inhabited by members of the Brown Family (no relation to Ray Brown, as far as I’m aware). My grandmother, Elizabeth Ellen (nee Brown) was one of 10 siblings. One of the brothers was Wilfred (Wilt) Brown, whose son, Mervyn, is the only survivor who was born in one of these houses. He may add a comment later. Grace Park, mentioned by Ray Brown, was the second wife of Councillor William Park, who was Lord Downe’s agent.As well as being the chairman of the council, he was also a Methodist local preacher, and had preached in the little chapel. His first wife was Mary Jane (Minnie) Brown, the eldest of the Brown sisters. They had two daughters, Doris and Dora. Dora lived to the grand old age of 106, dying in 2011. She had a marvellous memory and was a wonderful source of family history and early life in the village. She remembered air raid warnings in the First World War, when they had to troop down to the Loftus mines to shelter from the Zeppelin raids. Doris married Horace Wise: they met when he was on the staff of nearby Loftus Station, and eventually became station master at a number of stations, finishing up at Whitby in the 1950s. One of Horace and Doris’ grandsons is the actor Greg Wise.

  • Mervyn Brown

    What a find – seeing a picture of the house where in 1927 I was born. 3 Cliffe Terrace.
    No.1 Councillor William Park (my Uncle).
    No.2 The Judson’s then the Lengs.
    No.3 the Browns (my father was also born there).
    No.4 Billy Wood and Nancy.
    Happy Happy memories of my childhood and my young friends. Alan and Nancy Hopper – Colin Dohring – Jackie Noble – Myrtle Dobson – Billy and Frankie Graham – Jackie Forest – Lenny Main – Freda Leng and many others from THE TERRACE and the school.
    Love to hear from anyone from those days. kindest keg arcs to all. Mervyn Brown.

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