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Alum House, Hummersea

Alum House, Hummersea

A view from the cliff looking down on the alum house at Hummersea.

Thanks to Tina Dowey for the loan of this card that was posted in 1907.

Loftus Postcard, 3

Another of Frith’s tinted postcards of Loftus with more attractive views of the town.    

Image courtesy of Maureen Hogan.


Hummersea Beach

Hummersea Beach

A long walk by Hummersea farm to get to this beach, but well worth it, as we can see frequented by local people. The ruins were the remains of the old alum house associated with Hummersea Alum Mine.


Hummersea Beach

The caption says it all – the favourite occupation of all sea-side dwelling children – splodging!

Loftus Bank, June 1972

This photograph of Loftus Bank was taken by Mike Grange on 3rd June, 1972. The ridges in the field behind Kilton Mill are the site of the Australian Army camp in WWI.

Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards.

Kilton Mill and Bridge

Lovely old photograph of Kilton Mill, the only sign of the works on the hill being the tall chimney showing over the skyline, can anyone date this photograph?
Image courtesy of a compilation by Derick Pearson and others.

Loftus Postcard, 1

A colourful, tinted Frith postcard, showing views of Loftus.   A note on the back of the card says that it was bought in 1968.

Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards.

Loftus Postcard, 2

A similar card to the one above, showing a different set of images of Loftus.

Image courtesy of Carolyn Richards.

Beached Whale – 2010

Yes it really is a beached whale; this photograph was taken about in May 2010 at the foot of the cliffs leading from Hummersea beach towards Boulby.

Image courtesy of Julie Morrison.

Micklow Cottages – Loftus

Micklow Cottages were at the triangle junction of Micklow Lane and the the road to Street Houses from Skiningrove. Demolished in the 1960s and originally known as Micklehow Cottages they were one of the four collections of cottages originally developed for the alum workers of Hummersea and Boulby.

Image and information courtesy of Eric Johnson.