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Mount Pleasant (1935)

Pictured in 1935, on Mount Pleasant, Carlin How; is the postman, Mr Thomas Adamson Richelieu. Mr Richelieu was also the owner of the  Post Office, photographer and printer; the man with him is Fred Cox, with some beautiful lilies in the foreground. The Richelieu Typo postcards and photographs were produced by Mr Richelieu and his family.

Image from a collection compiled by Derick Pearson, details of Mr Richelieu courtesy of Ancestry and Find My Past.

Nicholson Runners 1900’s

The title Nicholson Runner’s was attached to this image when it was first made available to the Archive,  however no other information was available at that time. Tony Nicholson has advised us: ”Fred Nicholson, my grandfather; is second from the right. He was a good mile runner and because of his dark complexion was nicknamed ‘Darkie’ by the miners who used to bet on his races. I have a copy of this photograph in our family archive, but don’t have any details of the other men. They may have been Fred’s brothers, but I’ve never heard them described as such. I suspect they were other members of the same local athletic club. My grandfather was born in the early 1880s, so I think this dates from the early 1900s.”

Image courtesy of Dot Verrill, from a collection compiled by Derick Pearson and many thanks to Tony Nicholson for the information update.

A Day At The Sea Side

We asked: ”Where was the photo taken?” and also could only identify some of the people present; these included Nelson Downes, Oliver Padgett, Freda and Bill Harrison. C. Messruther advised : “Looks like Scarborough on the south bay”; whilst Derick Pearson believed it to be from the mid to late 1950s; whilst identifying Wilf Thompson and Freda Marshall. Indentified to date as: ??, ??, Wilf Thompson ( of Atkinson and Thompson Welding of Carlin How), Nelson Downes, Freda Harrison (nee Marshall), Bill ‘Lemon’ Harrison and Oliver Padgett.

Image from a compilation by Derick Pearson; also thanks to C. Messruther and Derick Pearson for the updates.

Men At Work

We can identify all the men in this photograph: George Rawson, Dennis Bowman, Rev. Johnson, Harry Dack, Mr Keen, Herbert Stephenson, Bob MacLean (foreman), Stan Downes, George Gettings, Arthur Ransome.Phil Ransom told us: “Full line up, according to Mother is – George Rawson, Dennis Bowman, Rev Johnson, Harry Dack, Mr. Keen, Herbert Stevenson, Bob McLean (foreman), Stan Downs, George Gettings, Arthur Ransome. The picture is taken in Skinningrove Square where a church was to be built and this voluntary work was undertaken by the ‘brick gang’; apparently the project was stopped due to lack of money.” Derick Pearson added: “The fact that Reverend Johnson and Bob McLean were there might give an indication to what the event was and where; Herbert Stephenson was a Sample passer on the works and so would assume he was acting as a labourer here to the bricklayers.This must have been some voluntary event.” Arthur Ransome started work as a bricklayer at the Skinningrove Works when he was 14 in 1947, but left the works in the early 70’s when steel production stopped and continued as a bricklayer building many houses in the local area. The bricks in front of them could be fire bricks that were used to line the furnaces, although the ‘brick gang’ would be called upon to carry out all kinds of building work.

Image from a compilation by Derick Pearson , also thanks to Derick Pearson and Philip Ransome for the information regarding this Skinningrove event.

Carlin How Family 1890’s

The Archive understands this is an image members of the Hall family from Carlin How. Can anybody else assist with details?

Image from a compilation by Derick Pearson.

Mr Jacobs of Carlin How Dairy

An early picture of partially blind Mr Jacobs of  Carlin How Dairy, in later life Mr Jacobs became almost totally blind, but continued to successfully run his Dairy on Brotton Road.

Image from a collection compiled by Derick Pearson.

Phoebe Dack and Friends

Our image portrays an occassion celebrated by Pheobe and friends. Some of whom have been identified, but we still await advice on where and why.

Back row: Audrey Medcalf, ??, Mrs Dredge, ??.

Front row: ??, Phoebe Dack, Mrs Briggs, Marion Barwick(nee Ditchburn), ??.  

Geoff tells us ”Lady fourth from left bottom row is Marion Barwick (nee Ditchburn), my mother in law’s mother, no idea what the occasion is though”. Lady in middle of front row now identified by Margaret Snowdon as Mrs Briggs who lived in Gladstone Street.

Image from a collection compiled by Derick Pearson, thanks to Derick, Geoff and Margaret Snowdon (Raspison) for the updates.

Harry Raysons Wedding 1917

The title told us it was Harry Rayson’s wedding, Kate Webster was his bride and  the wedding was in 1917.  We asked ”But where was the wedding?”, Sheila Drinkhall advised that it was at Brotton; further researches have shown that Kate was the eldest daughter of Thomas Webster, Confectioner of Front Street, Carlin How. Harry is wearing the uniform of a Bombardier in the Royal Garrison Artillery (part of the Royal Field Artillery).

Many thanks to both Nivard Ovington and Sheila Drinkhall for their assistance in our researches.

Ruth Davison

Ruth Davison far right was married to Eric son of the landlord and landlady of the Maynard Arms, Carlin How; Thomas Harrison Davison and Fern (nee Grocock, pre 1923). Good head on those pints Fern.

Stan Ward’s Wedding

Stan Ward very well-known not only in Carlin How but the surrounding area too as the  painter and decorator, his bride was Eileen Reed and we can see one of the bridesmaids is named but who are the others in the photograph, can anyone out there help?

Image from a collection compiled by Derick Pearson.