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Rescue Equipment

Members of the Staithes Coastguard Auxiliary Service; Norman Conn, Harry Reed and Harold Beyham with the life-saving gear for rescue from the shore. The Archive has a request from Chris Bell: “Does anybody have any information regarding the rocket House on the Cowbar at Staithes which was used for marine rescue?”

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn, thanks to Chris Bell for that request.

A Happy Ending

Harry Reed and Norman Conn with a boy from Middlesbrough who had been rescued by the Staithes Auxiliary Coastguards.

Does anyone know more of the story, please?

Image and details courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn (photograph under copyright of L.W. & C.D. Richardson, Redcar).

Loftus Fire Station Crew 1970?

Loftus Fire Station Crew, believed to have been about 1970?

Back Row: Keith Gallilee, Albert Legg, Alan Tose, Fred Grey, Ivan Gallilee, Ken Verrill, John Kidson.

Front Row: Richard George, Bill Hicks, Brian Grey, Michael Kilvington.

The name of the fire officer (middle of the back row) was unknown and believed to be a visiting full-time Fire Service officer; but Paul Grey tells us: ”Chief Fireman top row in the middle is Fred Grey (my granddad!).”

Image courtesy of Eileen Hicks and thanks to Tony, Michael Kilvington and Paul Grey for all the names.

Loftus Fire Crew – 1978 – at ICI Wilton on exercise

Loftus Fire Station Crew on exercise at ICI Wilton in 1978.

Back row: Ken Verrill, Colin Gallilee, Ivan Gallilee (Station Officer @ Loftus), Jerry McElvaney.

Front Row: Bill Hicks, Keith Gallilee.

Bill Hicks worked at ICI Wilton as a fireman and subsequently became Station Officer @ Loftus, replacing Ivan Gallilee. ICI Wilton were very supportive of local retained fire crews and offered additional training sessions. Ivan was father of Colin and Keith.

John Preston advises: “The Gallilee family had had a long firefighting tradition, Ivan’s dad (my step grandfather) Fred was also in the brigade and I can recall him telling stories of having to catch the horse to pull the pump.”

Image courtesy of Eileen Hicks, thank to John Preston for the update on the Gallilee family.

Loftus Fire Brigade

This old fire engine is beautiful, we are unsure as to what make it is possibly a Dennis or a Bedford; but it is also long enough ago for the firemen to be carrying the traditional short fire-axe and using wooden ladders.

Now – there are eleven people in the picture and only nine names shown – shame on the author for not knowing every name!  Who are they? and is this the same building as the present Fire Station? Names still to be filled-in include: E. Bannister, B. Warrell, P. White. Standing on running board of engine and believed to be the driver: Fred Gallilee.

Left to Right: E. J. Bannister , G. Wallace, Ivan Gallilee, Fire Officer Outhwaite, R. (Miff) Wood, Divisional Officer Winter, Fire Officer ? , Wilf Waite, John (Jack) Andrew.

Craig W. tells us: ”The fire engine is a Dennis probably a ‘Light Four’ model.” John Preston advised: “The driver is Fred Gallilee, Ivan Gallilee’s dad (and my step grandfather).” M. Flegg (nee Bannister) told the Archive: “Far left is my father E. J. Bannister.”

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Crier, thanks to John Preston for the information regarding Fred Gallilee, also M. Flegg and Craig W. for the updates.

Staithes L.S.A. Company, 1889

The Life Saving Company were responsible for rescues from the shore, firing a line to a vessel in distress.  Other ropes and pulleys were then hauled out to the vessel and the crew brought ashore one by one.  They would be the forerunners of the Coastguard Auxiliary Service. Mr. Conn’s grandfather, Jack Bennison, is standing beside the two men higher up at the back.

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn.

Staithes L.S.A. Company, 1894/5

The members of Staithes rescue company grouped down by the beck or harbour in Staithes. L.S.A.’s were formed in several parts of the country and they would be the forerunners of the Coastguard Auxiliary Service. We have not many names for the members, but Ray Con could tell us Jack Bennison is 3rd from the left on the back row. Can anybody assist with any other names?

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn.

Fancy a Game of Billiards, Inspector?

The games room in Loftus Police Station – this must have been an official function, can anyone identify the group or the event? The gentleman with the beard at the rear of the group looks suspiciously like Neil Empson.

L to R: Bert Davey, PC John Liley, PC Jimmy Agar, PC Bill Hutchinson, PC Peter Crosier, Maurice Stephenson, Neil Empson(?), ??, Harold Norminton, PC Alf Souter, PC Bruce Wallace, Inspector Cullingworth.

Linda Anderssen tells us: ”My Dad is in this picture – and I remember a number of the other men – I lived in the Police Houses when I was a child, I also remember the room at the top of the police station where the snooker tables where.  I used to feel on top of the world when I had climbed the beautiful spiral staircase to the top on the rare occasions when I was allowed to visit.”

Sue Mulholland (nee Wallace) tells us: ”My dad, P.C Bruce Wallace (almost hidden from view), is second from the right.”

Thanks Eric Johnson, Ken Gillance, Tina Woodrow (nee Whetton), Linda Anderssen and Sue Mulholland (nee Wallace) for updates.