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Were You Here?

Were You Here?

A photograph from the celebrations of St Josephs school centenary in 2008. The original St Joseph’s opened in Deepdale Road 12th June 1906; moving to the Rosecroft Lane building in 1968.

Can you find anyone on the photo you know?

Please tell us the names

Eskdale Tournament of Song 1957

Back row: Jeannie McLaughlan, Susan Dobson Rita Markham, Miss Hazel Wood (music teacher), Christine Lee, Barry Winspear, Caroline Mortimer, Christina Whetton.
Fourth row: Michael Bateman, Graham Nellist, David Bateman, Eileen Chadwick, Heather McGingle, Joyce Liddiard.
Third row: Alan Walker, Jean Macro, Brenda Ferguson, Christine Codling, David Peggs.
Second row: Helen Fowle Marion Magor, Judy William, Jill Rawson, Frances Colbeck, Florence Cornforth, Wendy Jackson.
Front row: Carol Murray, Judy Rowe, Roger Hore, Mary or Elizabeth Harris, John Trevillion, Dorothy Collins, Annie Preston, Irene McGill.
Image courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Harry Dack Infants 1954/55

Helen Cook tell us: “I can only recognise; on floor in foreground John Trevillion; woodwork bench on right Dennis Covell; centre table Brian Espiner; back table Roger Hoare; easel Rita Shields; shop Caroline Mortimer; between easel and shop Helen Fowle.”
Can any one assist with other names?

Originally we got the date incorrect on this image; but Ray Brown told us: “I can’t assist with any names, but the School didn’t open until mid 1954 – just one month after my sixth birthday I believe…”
Image and names to date courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Top Secret Plans??

A play by Loftus Junior School, possibly a detection theme based on the pipe! Left to right: ??, ??, ??, Ivan Gallilee, ??, ??, ??. Can you assist with names and a date?
Image courtesy of Janet Wilson.

Loftus Senior School Play 1939

Kindly supplied by Helen Fowle (later Cook) this is one of a series of im ages of activities both in and out of school in Loftus. Do you remember taking part in this school play from 1939 and perhaps can assist with the missing names or the title of the play?
Standing (left to right): Raymond Lindsay, ? Thompson, Joyce Barrett, Arnold Robinson, ??, Dennis Scott, Maggie Holliday, Joyce Linton, Alan Hopper, Dennis Cuthbert, Joyce Wrightson, Audrey Hauxwell. Seated: Irene Wood.

Susan Brown (nee Atkinson) tells us: “Great photograph! I recognise my mum a very young Maggie Holliday. Lovely to see.”
Image courtesy of Helen Cooke (nee Fowle) and thanks to Susan for that update.

Class 3 Liverton Mines School

The board tell us this is Liverton Mines School; class 3 and possibly early in 20th century, but can any body assist with a date? Or even names?
Image courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle)

Leaving Christmas Party 1953 – Take 1

Taken by W Eglon Shaw (who had a studio at 10 North Road), this view which had to be taken in two parts to accommodate all the pupils; shows Miss Goldsborough to the left. The pupils all ready dressed to depart home after the Christmas party in 1956, armed with their gifts. Possibly the last Christmas party at Zetland Infant School for some of these pupils, moving on in the May 1954 to Harry Dack Infant or to the Junior School in Duncan Place. Mike Robinson tells us: “I have no recollection of this picture being taken; but it looks like me holding my cup behind the girl sat with her legs stretched out on the front row. That is on picture 1. I think I see Ian Goodwill….Ray Bink’s…Marion Smith and Sheila Dorgan and others.” We have been given several names, but leave it to you to tell us if you can find yourself or others.
Can you remember the day, please tell us?
Image courtesy of Hazel Jefferson (nee Barker).

Leaving Christmas Party 1953 – Take 2

The second half of the gathered pupils, all wrapped and ready to leave the party. Note the guard for the large stove on the right, today a major problem! But then an invaluable way of drying wet clothes or more essentially, keeping warm. How they used to glow with heat! As said on the previous image, we have several names, but we leave you to possibly find yourself in these images and would love to have your memories of the event.
Image courtesy of Hazel Jefferson (nee Barker).

Harry Dack Infant 1956

In the staff room in May 1956, we have the staff assembled.
Back row: ??, Hazel Barker, Miss Goldsborough, Miss Manship.
Seated: Maureen Readman, Miss Winter, Mrs Nancy McGingle.

We have other names; Steven Partlett tells us: “The lady on the right front looks to me to be Mrs Nancy McGingle”. And Derek Millere tells us: “The lady seated in the middle is Miss Winter . She taught pupils in “the top class” before they moved up to Junior school in Duncan Place”.

But can you fill in the gaps?
Image courtesy of Hazel Jefferson (nee Barker) and thanks to Steven Partlett and Derek Miller for the updates.

Infant School Teaching Staff 1955

In the new staff room at Harry Dack Infant School.
Back row: Miss Manship, Miss Goldsborough, Miss Winter.
Front row: ??, ??, ??, ??.
Can anybody supply the missing names, please?
Image courtesy of Hazel Jefferson (nee Barker).