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Brothers in Arms

Ready to fend off the invading Romans are Barry Matson, Ken Greening and Terry Blades, unfortunately we know the Romans won. Hard luck lads.

Image courtesy Terry Blades.

Victors And Their Captives.

The Romans again; yes we are back at the Festival of Britain 1951,  the Romans have won the battle, the boys are:-

Back row: Michael Cornforth, ??, Terry Blades, Bobby Barber, ??.

Front row: Bobby Morrison, Philip Mortimer, Ken Greening, ??.

Help is needed with the missing names; do you know them or are they your dad or granddad?

Image courtesy Terry Blades.

Local MP Visits Skinningrove School (1964)

This is Jim Tinn perusing Skinningrove Junior School’s portfolio on the 1964 General Election. Were you one of these students – if so identify yourselves, or identify some of the others!

Back row: ??, ??, Brian Hart(top of head behind Joy Binks), ??, ??, ??, ??. Foreground: Iris Grant, Joy Binks, Sandra McConnell, Judith Hart, Keith Holliday, Eileen Soloman, Sheila Soloman. Seated Gillian Easton.

Colin Hart told the Archive: “My brother Brian is in the photograph, he is the one you can see the top of his head behind Joy Binks (girl second from left).

Image courtesy of Colin Hart and believed to have been from Evening Gazette, additional names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor.

All Smiles From The Girls

The A and B netball teams for Loftus Junior School are featured here; having held their own tournament, which was won by the red bibbed team.

Back row: Fiona Readman, Victoria Coaten, Karen Davies, Rebecca Lofthouse, Leanne Steart, Laura Fitzpatrick, Nicola Daniels, Kirsty Peel.

Front row: Catherine Papworth, Sara Rogers, Lucy Shepherd, Vikki Whitwell, Rachel Ward, Jemma Fulton, Jill Stonehouse.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson; also thanks to Lynne and Paul Jeffels for names and the information.

Gathering In The Hall

Jim Platt the goalkeeper for Middlesbrough with the pupils of the junior school, now believed to be 1976 (thanks to Craig Urban), John Samways (orange shirt ) is identified, but can anybody help with why and possibly names? The lad in the red shirt is Keith Winspear. They were in the hall to present the winner of a raffle; the first prize was an autographed football by the Middlesbrough squad which Jim Platt was there to present it to the winner.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson; also thanks to Craig Urban and Alan for additional information.

We’re Back

Yes back at the Old Bull and Bush, I don’t think we would see anyone with blackened faces today, but were you behind one of the disguises? I remember two of these minstrels were Simon Best and Steven Fenby. Simon has put on his thinking cap to identify the other boys, but we would welcome assistance.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

What Have You Won?

Lots of pupils in this photo, were you one of them? If so tell us what the shield was for please.

Duncan Hannah tells us:”Stood at the front (striped top) is Mark Lindsey, to his right knelt down is Guy Young, to his left is Rebecca Cook and in front of her is me!” Standing to Mark’s left is Paul Stokes. We believe the lady presenting the shield is Mrs Lynn Lindsey, but what for and when?

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Duncan Hannah for the update.

The Last V.E. Anniversary Celebration no.8

The last of the photographs showing the fiftieth V.E. Day Anniversary celebrations at Loftus Junior School with Mrs Samson’ class; can we ask were you on this photograph?

Back row: Liam Dolan, Hailey Bell, Mark Noble, Ashley Robson, Nathan Ramsey, Tracey Grey, Sean Ramsay, Claire Agar.

Third row: Nicola Crooks, Lisa Maguire, Stephen Musset, Daniel Burton, ??, ??, Laura Ferguson.

Second row: Paul Gell, Leanne Weight, Daniel Savory, Charlotte Lofthouse, Kerry Lowther, John Anderson, Charlotte Robson, Michael Bowman.

Front row: Robyn Richardson, Sarah Trainer.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, with thanks to Nicola Crooks and Sean Ramsay for names to date.

Celebration No. 7

Mrs Kearney’s class at Loftus Junior School are featured. Back row:  Christian Marsay, ??, ??, Vicky Plews, Glen Morrison, Kelly Taylor?, ??, ??.

Middle row: ??, Hannah Boyes, Daniel Longstone, ??, Kimberly sanderson

Front row: Ben Crooks, Catherine Ryder, Karl Libby, Mrs Y. Keaney, ??, Kirsty Middleton, Robert Hodgson.

Are you in this photograph?
Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and many thanks to Melissa Ellis for the updates.

Mrs. Himsworth Celebrates

Back row: Adele Lyon, Dwayne Hill, Sarah Carr, John Wilson, Sarah Scott, Gary Bowers, Margaret Evens, Mitchel Baldwin.
Middle row: Amy Cox, Joanne Wilson, Melissa ?, Rachel Anderson, Donna Trundley, Victoria Scarth.
Front row: Adam Cuthbert, Nicola Arkless, Daniel ?, Nicola Hodgson, Mrs Himsworth, Rachel Lightfoot, Jacob Hart, Holly Kentfield, Lee Easton.
Seated on floor: Kelly Britton, Chris Williams.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson (photography by Tom Sayers) and thanks to Nicola Arkless for completing the names.