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Warsett School – 1996 – Form 9F

Warsett School - 1996 - Form 9F

Form 9F this time.

Back row: Marc Taylor, Pamela Thomas, Carol Carter, Emma Gilligan, David Lawson.

Middle row: Michael Jackson, Carla Vaughan, Gareth Johns, Robin Smaling, Helen Brown, Daniel Wrigley.

Front row: Paul Agar, Daniel Waters, Yvonne Brown, Miss A. Fenton (Form Tutor), Kayna Hunt, Mark Laker, Glenn Smith.

Image courtesy of Lee Archer and the names.

Warsett School – 1996 – Form 11C

Warsett School - 1996 - Form 11C

Another official Tempest photograph from 1996.

Back row: Craig Glass, Lisa Boyes, Mark Guy.

Middle row: Craig Metcalf, James Walker, Gary Simpson, Wendy Riggs, Shaun Garrett, Joanne Wilson.

Front row: Pippa Smaling, Garry Crawford, Mark Walker, Mr I. Cooke (Form Tutor), Stuart Lyon, Michael Tyreman, Sarah Power.

Seated: Diane Irvine.

Image courtesy of Lee Archer, also kindly providing the names.

Towers School Saltburn

Towers School Saltburn; ”A High Class Efficient School at Moderate Fees” – for which an advertisement appeared in the 1928 York Historic-Pictorial compiled and published by Harold and Peter Hood of Middlesbrough – the school focused on outdoor activities The crosses on the photo may relate to certain parts of the school. The photograph appears to be early 20th century. We asked for details and Robin Hutchinson tells us: ”The Towers was a girls’ boarding school. I believe the school operated from the late nineteenth century until the mid twentieth century and the school occupied the building illustrated here and several surrounding buildings.” This is also confirmed by Jenny Taylor. Katharine Broome tells us: ”I was a day girl at The Towers for a short period from early 1940 until mid 1942. My mother’s younger sister who was only 9 years older than me, was a boarder from the mid 1930′s. In later years, we often spoke of our time there – not the happiest! The owner/headmistress at that time was a Miss Pybus who may have followed Edith Haycraft. Miss Pybus lived in the house to the left of the photo. Wartime food was rather horrid – cochineal coloured tapioca pudding & tripe seem to have featured on a regular basis.” Jean Siddle (nee Crawford) tells us: ”I was pupil at school until 1939 when it was evacuated to Rusland Hall in the Lake District. we were there when the German prisoner at Grizedale escaped and the mounted police clattered onto our courtyard. They  made a film of the escape. I left in 1940 and would like to know when the school ceased to exist.” A Stobbs tells us: ”My mother, Jose Mawson, was a pupil at the Towers from 1937 to 1941, and was there when the school was evacuated to Rusland Hall in 1940. She remembers that the Headmistress Miss Pybus, had a little white dog called ’Zeppi’, and that all the boarders used to be invited round to Miss Pybus’s house (next door to the Towers) on a Sunday, where they were each given a “Dainty Dinah” toffee! After the War started but before the school was evacuated, the boarders used to be taken into the vaults of the Zetland Hotel to shelter when the air-raid sirens sounded. She also remembers having “midnight feasts”, but with food in short supply thanks to the war, they used to eat toothpaste!! Her great friend was Patricia Burn; other friends were Elizabeth Leathly-Shaw, Hilary Toy, Anne Clinkard, Heather Dorman, Pamela Radge, Marie Locke, Rosetta Bolton, and Joan and Pam Howell – whose parents were in India. After an outbreak of illness thanks to the Rusland Hall drains being unable to cope with the large numbers of people when the school was evacuated, my mother and her sister Helen left the school in 1941, and my mother subsequently attended Durham Girls’ County School.” Jon Waters tells us: ”My mother, Patricia Burn, was a pupil between 37 and 41. She fondly remembers Jose Mawson and her fellow pupils mentioned in the post above. She has less fond memories of Zeppi the dog, who bit her!  My mum has been looking through the posts and information with great interest.” Callum Duff has advice: ”The Towers School closed in 1960 when it was amalgamated with The Manor School on the opposite side of the valley. The Manor School operated on a site occupied by The White House and the villa ‘Cliffden’ next door. The Manor School closed in 1969 and Cliffden was demolished and replaced by the Cliffden Court housing development.”

Image from a Frith Postcard courtesy of Ken Johnson; also thanks to Robin, Jenny Taylor, Katharine, Jean Siddle, Amanda Stobbs, Jon Waters and Callum Duff for the updates. Information on the school came from ”Paul Chrystal & Simon Cross – Redcar, Marske & Saltburn Through Time”.

And the Last One

That is of course unless you have any more to loan us.
Back row: Simon Wilson, David Garrett, Steven Rodgers, Barry Halls.

Front row:  Gillian Halstead, Robin Oliver, Vaughan Dexter (Tutor), Catherine Brown, Janice Cole.
Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Back row: Trevor Detheridge, Andrew Coward, John holiday, Bruce Miller, Lee Ingleby.

Front row: Elizabeth Mellor, Anne Dove, David Stephenson, Mike Gee, Ruth White, Angela Crystal, Anne Reece.
Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor.

Is Your Name Here?

Back row: Stewart Walker, Steve Hunt, David Goodwill, Leonard Vickery.

Front row: Peter Wadham, Barbara Durnie, Mr Pierson, Alexandra Guilfoyle, David Peacock,.
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, she also kindly supplied the names. Thanks to Alan Moss for the update.

All Present.

Those students present for this photograph are given as:

Back row: Michael Rowan, David Hemsworth, Peter Lund, Ian Liddle,  David ?.
Front row: Fiona Pealing, Marion Weir, Valerie Crooks, Peter Limon (Tutor), David Shields, Gillian Severs, Marilyn Madden.
Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor and thanks to John Howarth for the name update.

Ladies Too.

Back row: Ian Partlett, John Kierny, John Yajima, Peter Crisp, Robert Hamilton, Andre Riley, Peter Graham.
Front row: Katherine Gibson, Ann Cleaver, Mr Thompson, Sarah Terry, Susan Barnard.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, who also kindly supplied the names.

Names Are Missing, Help.

Prior Pursglove again can you fill in the missing names.
Back row: ??, Ian Webster, ? Holmes, Simon Frost, Richard Harbottle, C Scafe.
Front row: Rob Speck, Janet Hodgeson, Mr Morgan, Alan Moss, Eric Wilson.
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks to Andy Coward and Alan Moss for the updates.

Prior Pursglove Again.

A small group this time, Alan Moss suggests: “All these photographs from the top to this one must have been taken in either 1972 or 1973. Paul Mcgrath, Peter Abrahams, Steve Hunt, Steve Rogers, me and a few of the girls, were the first intake of kids from the Laurence Jackson School to the newly created Prior Pursglove College in 1972.” 
Back row: Mark Wheeler, Paul Mcgrath, Richard Watson, David Drinkall.
Front row: Peter Abrahams, Jacqueline Stockton, Alec Jenkins, Susan Langridge, Malcolm Watson.

Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks to Alan Moss for the dating update, also to Paul Mcgrath for the update.