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St Joseph’s School – Boys – 1953

The boys of St. Joseph’s school outside the new canteen in Deepdale Road; the school used to take the senior pupils as well as juniors and infants.

Back row:  Alan Wood, Richard Dunn, Tony Laverick, Alan Lightfoot, Raymond Moon, Joe Cush, Ian Welford, Joe Harrison, Keith Lansbury, Eric Starsmore, Edgar Fletcher, Mr Joe Faye (Teacher) later taught at Sacred Heart School, Redcar.

Middle row:  Eric Jackson, E. Tose, B. Welford, ??, Michael Howe, R. Howe, Tony Jackson, Joe Ward, Willie Walker, John Foster, Leo Bowman, T. Walker, I. Bowman.

Front row:  Frank Robson, G. Graves, David Nicholson, T. Harrison, Tony Raspison, Joe Tyreman, ? Walker, J. Welford, D. Raspison, Graham Marlow.

Pauline Laverick commented: “The Foster on the middle row is my dad, John Foster. Joe Faye went on to teach history at Sacred Heart School, Redcar. He taught me and remembered my dad.” Frank Robson advised: “The Robson on the left front row is me, Frank Robson, the one on the opposite end is I am sure Graham Marlow.” Finally a request; Jack Ferguson asks: “My name is Jack Ferguson (dob 1950). I am working on my family tree and think the Joe Tyreman in long trousers would be my cousin if his mother was called Elizabeth Alice Ferguson who married Joe Tyreman (Snr). My father was John Ferguson (1903-1971) and one of his sisters was called Elizabeth Alice. I visited Loftus once as a small child but cannot remember meeting young Joe. He might have been away doing his national service. Does anyone know if he is still around and has a contact.”

Image and information courtesy of Joe Ward, thanks to Pauline Laverick (nee Foster) and Frank Robson for information; also can anybody assist Jack Ferguson?

An evening to remember – St Joseph’s School – 1940?

Apologies for the condition of this image. We know where it was taken, the occasion is unknown and even the date is a guess. Can anybody help?

Image courtesy of Maureen Hogan.

Another evening to remember – St Joseph’s School

Another evening, again we know it was taken in the old St Joseph’s School, possibly after a school show or similar. But again can anybody help.

Image courtesy of Maureen Hogan, thanks to Janis Bonner for the update.

St. Joseph’s RC School – 1950/53

Back row: John Grandin, Keith Nellist, John Nellist, ?? , Kevin Hayes, Jimmy Hughes, Tony Sanderson, John Garbutt, Ronny Pass, David Dunn, Ray Marshall, Miss Walker (Teacher).

Third row: Gordon Wren, Malcolm Unthank, Jimmy Yarker, Ann Harrison, Mary Devereux, Jean Welford, Pauline Marshall, Ann Walshaw, Margaret Smith, Sheila Curnow, ? Dempsey? , Colin Murphy, Frank Brierley.

Second row: Catherine Devereux, Barbara White, Pam Crooks, Ann Templeman, Dorothy Nicholson, Christine Southgate, Marion Sanderson, Mary Welford, Val Bowman, Sandra Lord, Kathleen Woodhouse, Pauline Biott.

Front row: Ray Brown, John Pearson, ?? , Paul Kelly, Charles Calvert, Colin Hines.

Pictured at the School on the Deepdale site. Can anybody help with the missing names?

Image and names to date courtesy of Sandra E Hutchinson.

St Joseph’s School Sports Team (c.1959)

This is the year (1959) that the Sports Team won the local schools sports day shield. The team are proudly displaying it for posterity.

Back row: Pauline Hickey, William Sanderson, Michael Money, William Fletcher, Jean Lythe, Kathleen Bostock, Michael Welford, Eric Matthews.

Front row: Richard Lyth, Pauline Wren, Brenda Marshall, Gary Ruddock, Linda Marshall, Teresa Welford, Tony Welford, Robert Sanderson, Monica Hogan, Bernadette Lyth.

Image courtesy of Pauline Dolling and thanks  to Tony, Pauline, Sue and Sue Clennan for updates.

St. Joseph’s School (1970?)

The teaching staff at St. Joseph’s School.  We think the year is 1970, can anyone confirm that please?

Back Row (L to R): Betty Walton, Jim Agar, Maureen Hogan.
Front Row (L to R): Vera Bice, Sister Mary Nora, Sister Bridget, Val O’Neil.

Image courtesy of Maureen Hogan, thanks to Paul Moon for the update.

St. Joseph’s School (1970)

The teaching staff of St. Joseph’s School. This time we think the year is 1970, can anybody confirm this please?

Back row (left to right): Vera Bice, Miss May, Dora Pass.
Front row: Maureen Hogan, Val O’Neil, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Agar, Betty Walton.

Image courtesy of Maureen Hogan.

Sacred Heart School Students – 1956

An image of the Class of  1956 at Sacred Heart School, a beautiful old Victorian School.
Back row (left to right): George Duffield, Clifford Le Millier, Gerald Brown, Ken Fawcett, Brian Graves, Cyril Welford, Michael Martin, James Gallon.

Middle row: Edward Ward, Anthony Pragnel, Brian Robson, Carmel Hainsworth, Pat Chaplin, Leah Walsh, Pat Harker, Margaret McLaren, Mary Buchanon, Lynne Cush, Leo Murphy, Tug Wilson.

Front row: Sheila McGarell, Ann Hamill, Ann Millett, Ann Delmar, Mr. Turley (Sports Master), Eileen Chester, June Walshaw, Josephine Cassidy, Pat Robinson, Winnie Wood.

Michael Martin tells us: ”I am in this picture, I am on the back row second from right. It is also the last school photograph  as I left to move to Milan, Italy.”

Image courtesy of Norman Patton; thanks to Josie Etches, Winnie Stevenson (nee Wood), Tony and Norman Patton for all the names; also thanks to Michael Martin for the update.