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What Was The Occasion?

We know it is Skinninggrove Band walking by Angling Green,  the image has come to the Archive twice; Colin Hart providing a copy (on the reverse bearing the information ”Arlington Studio – W.E. Grier”); dating from the early 1960s it is believed.

Ray Brown tells the Archive: ”I cannot help with the date or reason for the parade, but I can help with a few names, leading the band is Arthur Stone (looking at him I would say the picture may have been taken in the mid 1950 to early 1960s); front row (far right) Henry Rawlins, front row (far left) Jimmy Bushby?, third row (far right) Colin Limon and back row (far left) Malcolm Voden. All those named helped both Loftus County Modern band and later; when formed the Loftus Town Band.”
Image courtesy Colin Hart and Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and thanks to Ray Brown for the update.

Skinningrove Primitive Chapel – Junior Football Team


We now have most of the names for this one: Back Row (L to R): Mr Wrightson, Tom Wheatman, Jim Hodge, Marsden Grey, Walter Fothergill, Tommy Pearson, Kit Smelt, Jonnty Smith (Trainer). Middle Row (L to R): Bert Davey, Dabber Adamson, ? Crispin, Pim Tyson, Jimmy Winter. Front Row (L to R): Jimmy Mott, Skinner Hodge, Sos Wilson.

Bert Davey went on to become a teacher and games master at Loftus School. Thanks to Col Hart who advised us: “Front row Jimmy Mott, Skinner Hodge, Sos Wilson. These names were taken from a scanned copy of a framed photo of the team at the Mining Museum”


The Flat Cap Brigade

A group of men and we wonder where have they been or where are they going?
Some of the men are: Back row: Arthur Tompson, Reg Wilson, Jock Walker, Al Caley, Dick Garner,  Nelson Downes.
Front row: Terry Hall, George Caley, John Hall, Jim Caley, Malcolm Hill (small boy front), Johnny Wilson, Billy Wilson. Colin Hart advised us: ”The photograph was taken near the bridge in the square, with Zetland Row in the background.” Whilst Margaret Fotheringham told us: “The one with the hat in between Jock Walker and Dick Garner is Al Caley . The one next to Terry Hall is George Caley; in this photograph are five members of my family.”
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, Colin Hart and Margaret Fotheringham (nee Wilson) for the updates.

The Bunting Are Flying

We asked why are the flags and bunting out and who are the men?  We thought it was Skinningrove and now Colin Hamlinton offers us the following information: ”Judging by the apparent age of the people in the photograph I would guess that the buntings are out to celebrate the end of WWII. The Hamlinton family brothers and their father Thomas were all called “Brom” because they came from West Bromwich during the great depression in the 1920s where Thomas Hamlinton was a safe maker. Norman the eldest brother was called “Ginger Brom” because of the colour of his hair. All the brothers were keen fishermen and the name of the family boat was ‘Shamrock’. It was eventually sold to a fisherman at Whitby. North end of the Hamlinton family boat house which was situated next to the Coast Guard Hut”, he also identifies several of those present: ”Person far left Bernard Hamlinton. Second from left Norman Hamlinton third from left Stivvy (Stevenson??). Fourth from left Wilf Hamlinton.  The gentleman third from the right on the back row looks like my father Thomas Wilfred (Wilf) Hamlinton. He used to get “Brom” as did all his brothers.”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and thanks to Colin Hamlinton and Kevin Hamlinton for the updates.

I Agree

Yes I would have been there with these women, can you recognise anyone? Believed to have been taken outside the chapel building in Skinningrove and also containing several men, but date is unknown. Can anybody assist?

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection.

A Break From Work

Taken outside the Skinningrove Boatmen’s Association Hut, this confirmed by John Kennedy with: “It is the Boatman’s Association Hut. They built this after building a slip way on to the beach The second man on the left is a Mr Stephenson lived in High Street, next one Mr Tyreman lived bottom of Albion Place (over beck since demolished.” Colin Hart assisted with: “Bob Hart my grandad, Mr Tyreman was Frank.”

Left to right: Jack Burdett, Mr Stevenson, Frank Tyreman, Mr Lightfoot, Tom Hart, Eric Green, Bob Hart.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection; thanks to Derick Pearson, John Kennedy, Colin Hart and Brian Young for the updates.

Ahhh Sweet

Skinningrove Gala Queen, the girls look pleased to be there but I am not sure about the boys. Dawn Holliday advised: “I was the Gala Queen featured in this photograph and I think it was in 1969 or 1970. The attendants were Pauline Carlin, Carole Stone, John Dowson and Neil Winspear.”

So now we know we know: Pauline Carlin, Carole Stone (attendants), Dawn Holliday (Gala Queen), John Dowson, Neil Winspear (attendants).

Babsy Holliday commented: “That’s my big sister Dawn as Gala Queen; I’m so proud of my dad Pem Holliday for all the photographs he took of the village that meant so much to him.”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, thanks to Dawn Holliday and Babsy Holliday for the updates.

Four Men And A Little Lady

A lovely photograph of the fishermen of Skinningrove, the names are the problem: ??, ??, Hilary Husband, Henry Husband?, ??, ??.

Do you know the names of those in this photograph.
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection.


The end of the Cinderella pantomime at Skinningrove, Mr Lacey at the left hand side, Mrs Lacey far right; Doreen Pearson and Edan Rowe are there, we asked for any more of the names. Tom Sayers tells us: ”This is almost certainly the Institute at Skinningrove. The shows opened in the Institute and ran all week. They then went, “on tour” to Loftus; in a wooden building up Micklow Lane, and in The Black Bullit up Kilton Lane. The Miners Institute is long gone. It stood behind the War Memorial and the OAP bungalows.” This also explains Rita Beckham believing that St Helen’s church hall was involved, possibly part of the ”tour aspect” of the pantomime. Celia Kentfield tells us: ”The panto was Cinderella and was in the Miners Institute at Skinningrove. It was put on by the Methodist Chapel Skinningrove. The panto ran all week, bus trips came from Staithes and other surrounding villages. Full house every night – admission by ticket only.
The people standing are (left to right): Mr Lacey, Les Webster, Tom Seymour, Doreen Pearson, Edna Rowe, Ike Page, Ron Webster (killed in air crash whilst in RAF) and Mrs Lacey. On the stage, too many to name, all were members of the Sunday school and Chapel.”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, thanks to Tom Sayers, Rita Beckham, Tanya Cannon and Celia Kentfield for the updates.

One Of The First Committee

A photograph of the Boatmen’s Committee as we now know; Colin Hart advised: “I have the same photograph and yes it is the Boatman’s Committee. On back row Alan Hart (my dad), Eric Hart (uncle) and Jack Shaw. Middle row is Bob Hart (grandad).”

Back row: George Tinkler, ’Do-Do’ Cox, Frank Tyreman, Alan Hart, Eric Hart, ??, Jack Shaw.

Middle row: Jack Ebbs, Mary Hart, Olive Howard, Vi Cox, Cyril Linford, Bob Hart, Eric Green.

Front row: Ted ‘Seaweed’ Breckon, Jack Tinkler, Ivy Tinkler, Bella Blaylock, Miriam Cox, John Elliott, Phyllis Green, Martha Padget.

Can anybody assist with the last missing names?

Image of the Pem Holliday Collection, thanks to Colin Hart, John Kennedy and Pat Major (nee Noble) for updates on names.