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Sitting in the Sun

Skinningrove people relaxing, Colin Hart tells us: ”First left Cilla Ebbs, Mary Hart (my gran), ??, Alan Hart (my dad), ??, Bob Hart (my grandad). Notice in the back ground the Mortuary or Dead House as we knew it as kids.” Can anybody help with the missing names?

Image courtesy of Colin Hart and to Colin Hart for naming most of those present.

Mary, Cilla and Emily.

Mary Hart, Cilla Hart and Emily, but who is the other lady?

Image courtesy of Colin Hart.

Who Are You?

Six ladies sitting outside the fisherman’s hut at the bottom of Bothroyd’s Bank. There were no names given to us when Colin Hart loaned us the photograph,we now have most (assuming I have got it in the correct order?), we can we now fill in the ??’s.

Left to right: Pru Sherwood, Phyllis Green , ? Green, Emily Hart, Cilla Ebbs (nee Hart), Violet Cox.

Image courtesy of Colin Hart and thanks to Barbara McBurney, Margaret Fotheringham, Colin Hart and Maureen Howard for the updates.

Fancy Dress

Were you one of the girls here? I am presuming it was Skinningrove Carnival unless you tell me differently.
Image courtesy of Colin Hart.

Methodists Skinningrove

An outing from Skinningrove Methodist chapel; George Tremain tells us: ”After some research I now believe I can identify some of the members of this group. On the back group standing 3rd in is Charles Hall, 5th from left with moustache is Joseph Easton and with her arm linked to his I believe is Emily Jemson his step granddaughter. Second from the right standing is Priscilla Easton who had formerly been Priscilla Jemson until her husband William Jemson was killed in a mining accident. Second row from the front 3rd from the right as you look kneeling is Mary Jemson kneeling.” There are also other members of the Hall/Jemson family on the photograph as all seemed to have strong links with the church. Tony Nicholson advises: “Fred Nicholson is crouching at front on far left. He married Clara Hall. Worked as deputy in ironstone mines but then started his own business with Mr Petty (Nicholson and Petty). The photograph must be somewhere around 1910-20.” Ruth White advises: “Joseph Easton was my three times great grandad. My father George was born in 1918 in Margrove Park and his sister was born in 1914 at Margrove, he never knew any of his blood family. His mum died when he was six weeks old. My father was looked after by the families called Toes and Tansley. This photograph is the first to be seen of any of Dad’s family. I was born in 1956 and remember going to the Tansleys in Margrove when I was about 8 years old. Trying to find Dad’s sister or any other members of the Easton family, since then I have been to Margrove and taken photographs of where Dad was born and of the church where his mum and dad where married and sadly where his mum is buried. My fathers parents where George Easton and Eva Emma Easton, (nee Waller). Thank you for showing the photograph; I was very moved when I found the web site last night.”

Image courtesy of George Tremain; thanks to George Tremain, Tony Nicholson and Ruth White for the updates.

A Proud Man

And so he should be showing off his four medals, he is now identified as Major (name not rank!) Lightfoot. He lived at 35 High Street, Skinningrove. The other man round the corner is identified as Tommy Wiskers living in Cliff Street. The medals have been identified by Joh Wright: ”The 1914/15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal (earned with the 9th Battalion Green Howards in France and Italy) and the fourth is the Rocket Apparatus Long Service Medal.”

Steve Black tells us: ”I just came across this site and realize that Mr Major Light foot was my grandmother’s brother; so that makes him my great-uncle, so I must be related to Pat Sparkes, my grandmothers name was Rachel Duck her maiden name was Lightfoot and they had a sister called Alice who lived at Carlin how, we used to live at Primrose Cottage and the we moved to Boosbeck in 1962.”
Image courtesy of Eric Johnson (from the original image by Graham Smith); also Tom Webster, Pat Sparkes, Colin Hart and John Wright for the updates.

Skinningrove Youth Club

Thanks to Tracey King for this cutting from the Evening Gazette’s ’Remember When’ feature.  Tracey has named most of the young people in the photograph, starting with the boy at the very back and working forwards along each row, left to right.  Were you there?

1. Paul Kay, 2. Jackie Hipkin, 3. John Smith, 4. Paul Boocock, 5. Julie Bowers, 6. Malcolm White, 7.Gordon Willis,  8. Lynn Taylor, 9. Kevin Ashbridge, 10. Steve Ewens, 11. Brian Simpson, 12. Bill Kemp, 13. Susan Cox, 14. Trevor McConnell, 15.Pam Holliday, 16. Ian Purver, 17. Keith Simpson, 18. Anita Whitney, 19. Keith Whitney, 20.Michael Sztruk (Noota), 21. Colin Hart, 22. Pauline Meakin, 23. Lesley Holliday. Aimee advises: “Pauline was Grandma, sadly she passed away. Great Picture.” Whilst Colin Hart adds: “Remember it well, we could play football,badminton, and table tennis, sorry to hear of the loss of Pauline.”

Image courtesy of Tracey King, thanks to Tracy King, Billy Kemp and Col Hart for naming names; also to Aimee for the update.

All Alone

Well not really; as someone else must have been there to take this wonderful photograph loaned to us by Eric Johnson. It looks so calm and peaceful away from the noise and the dirt of the steel wotks on the cliff top. Colin Hart tells us: ”The picture is Derick (Midge) Purver on his boat Lynn. I spent many hours along with his son Brian fishing and potting on the same boat.” Terry Clarke tells us: ”This is one of my mums brother’s brothers – Derick – her name was Mildred Monica Purver, their mum was Harriot Hart from a family of six; four brothers and two sisters. The brothers were as follows: Tony, Bill, Leonard and as many now well know Midge.There were none as Purvers from Skinningrove, my mother was a Purver; later Dolly Clarke and my great grand mother was Harriet Hart,  before she married her second husband Bernard Szymecki. He use to work in the Mine Arch section on Skinningrove Works, he used to have a garden at the top of Verrill’s bank with Tony Purver and the garden is still there. to this very day.” Pauline Breeze adds: “I am researching families Hart-Wallace from Skinningrove. Harriet Hart was my great-aunt; sister to Ethel Hart Fawcett (my grandmother). Any information would be greatly appreciated.”

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson, thanks to Colin Hart, Terry Clarke and Pauline Breeze for the updates.

A Day Out

Yes these four youths are on a day out to Whitby the names of the young men are Derrick Magor, Derek Hart, Ian Harrison and Dougie Tinkler.
Image and names courtesy of Marjorie Magor.

Skinningrove Gala Queen

Another photograph from the Skinningrove Gala (year unknown) with the Gala Queen and her attendants: Mark ‘Sharky’ Moore, Maxine Debbick (Gala Queen) Pauline Magor, Darren Tyler, Diane Money, Joy Partridge. Tom Webster assisted with names: “The lad on the left is actually Mark Moore(Sharkey), The girl on the right is Joy Partridge and the boy in the front is Darren Tyler.” Whilst Mark ‘Sharky Moore (age 50) commented: “Where are you all now I wonder. What happened?”

Image courtesy of Marjorie Magor, thanks to Tom Webster and Mark Moore for the updates