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SS Aberdonian

SS Aberdonian, intending to tie up at Skinningrove Jetty, overshot and grounded on Wednesday 18th June 1930 at Cowbar, she was re-floated at high tide on 22nd June 1930.

From information found on the web: the SS Aberdonian was built on the Clyde in 1909 by D & W Henderson and registered at Aberdeen by the Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company.  She served as a hospital ship during the first World War, evacuating casualties from France after the disaster of the Somme on the 1st July 1916 and as a Depot Ship at Fort William in 1940.

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday.

Grounded – SS Aberdonian

Now believed to be the SS Aberdonian grounded at Cowbar, Staithes; having overshot her intended mooring at Skinningrove in 1930. 

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday.

Duc D’Aumale

25th July 1910 is the date that was on this postcard image and we are told by Fred Brunskill: ”The Duc D’Aumale was a wooden French lugger on a fishing voyage when she became stranded in shallow water just North of Whitby on 23rd July 1910. She became a total wreck and sank.”

Thanks to Fred Brunskill for the update.

William Ball

Believed to have grounded at Redcar; but again the name is all that is known about this ship any more  information would be gratefully received.


The name is the only thing I know about this photograph; believed to be pictured at Redcar, so once again help is needed.

Ship on Rocks – S.S. Hermiston

Okay gentlemen and ladies, a week off and it hasn’t done me any good at all because I am still asking for your help. What ship and which rocks? Joan Webster advised: “I think that ship was at Redcar, I remember a ship stuck on the rocks there, but not sure if it is that one!” Craig White has assisted with: “After a hunch this was under cliffs somewhere in our area. Web research ( OK googling!) gives that this is the S.S. Hermiston which ran aground at North Cheek, Robin Hoods Bay on 19th May 1910 in thick fog while on passage from Antwerp to Shields. She was built on the Clyde in 1901 and they must have got her off because she was not scrapped until 1937. Robin Hoods Bay Lifeboat ‘Mary Anne Lockwood’ attended.”

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday, thanks to Joan Webster, Dave Hobman and Alan Davies; but particularly Craig White for the updates.