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Loftus Scout Group c. 1975

The Cubs have been joined by the rest of the troop for this photograph.

Back row: Norman Pass, Tony Biddlestone, Alan Douthwait, Nick Whitlock, Mark Hutchinson, Andrew Butcher, ? Wedgewood, Ron Bickerdike, Martin Harding, ? Lumas, Dave Graham, Mark Fowler.

Third row: Graham Duck, ?? , ?? , Guy Gibson, Ray Barnes, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , Ray Silver, Steve Bradley, John Preston.

Second row: John Templeman, Steve Jackson, Mark Lightfoot, Dave Toulson, ??, ?? , Graham Morrison, ?? , Geoffrey Grayson, Mark Unthank, Michael Tyreman, Stephen Whitlock, Andrew Conn.

Front row: Simon Wedgewood, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , Christopher Smith, Trevor Himsworth, Sean Gray, Adrian Hardy, Andrew Tabner, ?? , ?? .

Image courtesy of Pam Morrison and names to date; additional names from John Preston and Steve Jackson, also thanks to Dean Gibson for update.

Loftus Scouts (1960)

This photograph of a group of Loftus Scouts was taken at the same time as the image of Loftus Scout Committee (1960) in the old Scout Hut.  (If you don’t believe me just look at the stuff on the table).

Norman Pass (far right) Scout Master, Mink Simpson (centre rear) Assistant Scout Master and Joe Ward (to left of Norman Pass) Assistant Scout Master are in this picture and the one below.

Do you recognise any of the Scouts?  Were you one of them?  What was the party for?

Image and names (and titles) to date courtesy of John Hicks.

More Loftus Scouts (1960)

The same party, and now known to be a joint Xmas party for Loftus and Liverton Mines Scouts in 1962; but more boys in the picture.

Back row: George Hebron?, Mike Swales, Roger Hall, ??, ??, Derek Swales, Albert Goldby, ??, Norman Pass, Joe Ward, Mink Simpson.

Middle row: Graham Nellist, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, David Bateman, Michael Bateman.

Front row: ??, Colin Foster, David Hebron, ??, ??, ??, standing: ??, ??, ??.

Can you help with names of the Scouts?

Image and some names courtesy of John Hicks, thanks to Eric Johnson and Alan Walker for the updated names; also thanks to Joe Ward for additional information.

Loftus Scouts Committee (1960)

Taken in the old Scout hut this is the committee of Loftus Scouts.

Back Row: Mink Simpson (Assistant Scout Master), Elizabeth Moor, Albert Goldby, Norman Pass (Scout Master), Joe Ward (Assistant Scout Master), John Bennett (Senior), John Bennett (Junior).

Front Row: Muriel Covell, Hannah Nellist, Elsie Pass, Agnes Swales, Olive Bennett.

Image courtesy of John Hicks and Joe Ward.

Loftus Wolf Cubs – 1960/1?

I have referred to the group as Wolf Cubs, their name did not change to Cub Scouts until 1967. Pictured with their Akela Mrs Mary Shaw (now called a Cub Scout Leader), interestingly she is portrayed at the top of the ”heap”! Dating this photograph has ‘warmed’ some memories up! Martin Gibson believed the image was from 1966; but Richard Watson advised: “I went to Rosecroft in the summer of 1966, Mrs Shaw would not let me join the Cubs when I was 10 years, but Norman Pass (Scout Leader) let me go straight into the Scouts in 1965/66. and Richard Martin, Pete and Rob Jackson, Pete’s younger brother were all in the Scouts then. So for Richard Martin to be in the Cubs, it must have been 3 or 4 years before 1966.” Malcolm Covell adds: “Back row far right is myself as Senior Sixer (3 stripes on arm). In 1961 I went to Guisborough Grammar school (at 11 years) and you moved from Cubs to scouts at 11 so it is before 1961 and I would put it at 1960 possibly very early 1961, as I was 11 in the April. Those were the days!”

Michael (Mick) Hill tells us: ” I am third from right, if I recall correctly am wearing the fur lined boots. I have been trying to recall one or two memories of my days in the Cubs. I was Tawny Six and recall visiting Hummersea one evening for swimming [paddling], rather a chilly night! I recall trying to change on shingle and rock not easy. Also tracking on the old railway and on one occasion each Cub had to take a girl along for what reason I cannot recall. At that age boys didn’t like girls!” Mick has followed up with: “Following my discovery of myself on the photograph with the Wolf Cubs circa 1960/61, l keep referring back to see if any further information has been forthcoming. One or two further memories of my time in Loftus are: walking to what was then the Youth Club for school dinners, also I remember being a member of the RSPCA. I believe this may also have been run by Mrs Shaw – Akela at Cubs – but will stand corrected on that. One name I can recall is Bernard Dobson who lived at South Loftus, when I first moved there as I remember he shares the same birthday and is the same age as myself. Good to remember the old days.”

Back row: ?? , Keith Danby, ?? , ?? , Michael Lindsay, Peter Collinson, Malcolm Covell.

Middle row: ?? , Martin Gibson, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , Peter Jackson, ?? , Richard Martin.

Front row: ?? , ?? , ??, Brian Lightfoot, Geoff Covell, ?? , ?? , ?? , Michael (Mick) Hill, Robin Middleton, ?? .

Can anybody help with more names?

Thanks to David Archer for Akela’s name, Martin Gibson, Richard Watson, Martin Covell, Mick Hill and Barbara McBurney for the names and updates.

Skinningrove Sea Scouts

Sea Scouts, in a photograph taken on the beach at Skinningrove (recognisable by the jetty in the background), but who are they and what date was it, can anyone help? M. H. Wan suggests: “The Sea Scouts are wearing the uniform of pre-World War I era; so this should be a pre-1920 photograph.”

Many thanks to M. H. Wan for the update and possible dating.

Winners of Hall Chamber Shield – Boys First Aid (1921-22)

The Archive had received several copies of CD Roms of local images, each of which contained this image; already marked with the names of the participants; they were Scouts from 1st Carlin How Boy Scout Troop. The participants (back row): T. Andrews, J. Fawcett (St John’s Ambulance Brigade?), A. Steggar.  Front row: Charlie Sommers, C. Wood, W. Goldby. The Archive still asks where was the photograph taken?

Since then the Archive has been advised by Derick Pearson: “Yes I have an unmarked copy as this was from the CD Rom I compiled. I put both on it. I will submit an unnamed one. Would have done this in the first place had it not been placed on site by someone else.”

Image courtesy of Stan Ward was originally from a collection originally produced as part of ‘Carlin How in Times Past’ in the 1980’s; compiled by Derick Pearson. The present image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre.

Loftus Wolf Cubs (1957/8)

Loftus Wolf Cubs (1957/8)

Originally posted this image was listed as Loftus Scouts, but we now know they were Wolf Cubs! This following a comment by Malcolm Covell: “Firstly they aren’t Scouts they are Cubs. I’m 1st left on back row and I was only about 8 or 9 at the time, next to me is Brian Lightfoot ( 2 years younger). Next to him is my brother Dennis Covell (as Sixer = two stripes), he would be about 10; he was born 1947, so it puts the photograph at 1957/58. I can vaguely remember this photo being taken I think there was some sort of big Jamboree that year. Michael Jones is in front of me to the left.”

Back row: Malcolm Covell, Brian Lightfoot, Dennis Covell, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? .

Third row: Michael Jones, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? .

Second row: ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? .

Front row: ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? .  

Image courtesy of Stephen Steyert and thanks to Malcolm Covell for that update, can anybody help put a name to the faces?

Boy Scout Jamboree – or just a big Pow Wow?

Loftus Scouts – and yes it is Loftus Cricket Club! – known to have been taken in the late 1930’s, but what was the occasion? We have been given two names by Eric Johnson, but can anybody name any more or assist with any information?

Image courtesy of Eric Johnson.