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Norman Lantsbery

A very serious looking Norman; obviously a posed photograph. The Archive would welcome suggestions as to when and why (or even where) the picture was taken.

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council

Norman Lantsbery, Where and When?

The Archive was unsure about where this photograph was taken, but following comments now known to be the James Finegan Hall at Eston. Ray Tough tells us: ” Vince Teasdale is on the photograph, so it was during his term as Mayor of Langbaurgh Borough Council and to Vince’s left is Mr Abigail, the Chief Executive of Langbaurgh. The person on the far left could be Stan Barton from Brotton but I’m not too sure, and the person on his right could be Sam “Paddy” Tombe.” David Walsh advises: ”Not sure that it’s Stan Barton but the person next to him is Sammy Tombe who died some years back. It is certainly the James Finegan Hall (and I am old enough to remember Jim Finegan).”

Image courtesy of Loftus Town Council and thanks to Ray Tough, Fred Bann and David Walsh for confirming the location, also thanks to all for the names to date.

Loftus Urban District Council (Civic Ball – 1964)

A real story here! The Civic Ball was held in Loftus County Modern School as Loftus Town Hall was not large enough, on several occasions.

Back Row: Mr Cyril Pickering (owner of Saltburn Motor Services), Mr Harold Norminton, ?? , Mr Jim Winter (Loftus Chairman), Mr Walter Bradley, Mr Tidman, Mr Carney, Major Leslie Petch.

Front Row: Mrs Pickering, Mrs Norminton, ?? , Mrs Winter, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Tidman, Mrs Carney, Mrs Petch.

Can anybody assist with missing names and possibly their roles in the local community?