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Our Gang

Can you recognise yourself or anyone else  on here?  Taken in 1957 at Isle of Man TT races.
Image courtesy of Geoff Hore.

Motor Bike Mad

I bet that is what the mother’s of these lads said and the lads are:- Charlie Dunning, George Hicks, Malc Vodden, Reg Dunning and Geoff Hore; taken in 1957  at the Isle of Man TT races.
Image and information courtesy of Geoff Hore.

A Day Out

Yes these four youths are on a day out to Whitby the names of the young men are Derrick Magor, Derek Hart, Ian Harrison and Dougie Tinkler.
Image and names courtesy of Marjorie Magor.

Skinningrove Gala Queen

Another photograph from the Skinningrove Gala (year unknown) with the Gala Queen and her attendants: Mark ‘Sharky’ Moore, Maxine Debbick (Gala Queen) Pauline Magor, Darren Tyler, Diane Money, Joy Partridge. Tom Webster assisted with names: “The lad on the left is actually Mark Moore(Sharkey), The girl on the right is Joy Partridge and the boy in the front is Darren Tyler.” Whilst Mark ‘Sharky Moore (age 50) commented: “Where are you all now I wonder. What happened?”

Image courtesy of Marjorie Magor, thanks to Tom Webster and Mark Moore for the updates

More Flat Caps

Under those flat caps are some well groomed moustaches, two of the men under those caps and moustaches are on the left Jim Dadd and Charlie Dadd do you know any of the remaining men?
Image and names to date courtesy of Marjorie Magor.

Our Army Boys and Girls

Pictured outside their headquarters in Carlin How.

Back row: Cpl. B. Orr, Cpl. J. Austin, Cpl. C. Robinson, Cpl. G. Tyerman.

Middle row: Sgt. H. Easton, Miss B. Jacob, Mrs N. Bell, Miss O. Watts, Miss D. Ableson, Miss E. Spedding, Mrs A. Wicks, Sgt. G. Ferguson.

Front row: Sgt. W. Adamson, CSM G. Pearson, Cpt. D. Mortimer, Major T. Wicks, Lt. G. Elders, Sgt. H. Atkinson, Sgt. H. Webster.

Image from a cutting courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, Derick Pearson and others.

Ladies Section British Legion

About 1950 as Joyce’s mother Mrs Hoare( President) cuts the cake, some of the ladies present at this British Legion event can be named.
Back row:- ??, Mrs Money, Miss Evans, Mrs Tebble.

Front row: ??, Mrs Olive Cocks, Mrs Hoare, ??.

Do you know any more of the ladies present?

Image and details courtesy of Joyce Hore.

Joyce On Carthorse

Again Joyce tells us this was about 1935 and the horse is one that belonged to the Co-op, usually stabled at the back of Loftus Co-op.

Image and information courtesy of Joyce Hore.

Joyce at Mars Farm

The entrance to Mars Farm in 1953, when this photo was taken of Joyce who was then Joyce Hore; later to become Mrs Appleton. Do you remember Mr Hore in the shoe department at Loftus Co-op? This is his daughter. Janet Lingard (nee Thompson) told the Archive: “I can remember going to the farm with a billy can to buy milk, this would be in the late forties or early fifties.”

Image and information courtesy of Joyce Hore, thanks to Janet Lingard for the update.

Joyce – Lumley Street – 1937

Joyce Hore in Lumley Street, Loftus; all dressed up, for the Coronation celebrations in 1937.

Image and information courtesy of Joyce Hore.