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Loftus County Junior School (1992 – Class 9)

Back row: Richard Sussons, Stuart Rouse, Ashley Maynard, Dale Hopper, James Walker.

Third row: Phillip Williams, Steven Henderson, Michael Randall, Matthew Arkless, Ewan Thomas, Craig Morrison.

Second row: Kimberley Imelia, Kirsty Peel, Rachel Ward, Mrs Thomas ( Teacher Class 9), Anna Dunston, Hannah Heart, Emma Tyreman.

Front row: Lindsey ? , Adele Neesham, Andrew Evans, Daniel McConnell, Sarah George, Cheryl Turford.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Loftus Junior School (1973 – Mr Colam’ s Class)

Back Row: Mr Colam, Martin Sissons/Prestwick? , Stephen Hill, Mark Lindsey, Kiri Sakelaropoulos, Wayne Smith, Mark Elliott, Michael Laity, Sean Parry, Andrew Bacon.

Third Row: Karen Marsay, Pamela Hird, Lorraine Wheatley, Deborah Taylor, Linda Cocks, Kay Battersby, Jane Nicholson, Paula Smith, Deborah Trattles, Elaine Boocock.

Second Row: Amanda Stark, Claire Hodgson, Alison Alderson, Louise Toms, Ann Marie Park, Hazel Brown, Lisa Hamilton, Kirsty Hayles, Alison Dohring.

Front Row: Gary ? , Mark Woodall, Ray Fishlock, Glen Urban, Garry Adamson, Malcolm Dickinson, Sharon Pascoe, Joy Douglas, Joanne McKay.

Lorraine Wheatley suggests: “He (Mr Colman) was the best teacher at Loftus Junior School; The lad between Mr Colman and Stephen Hill is Martin Sissons or Martin Prestwick and I think it’s Glen Urban?”.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Lorraine Wheatley for the names update

Loftus Junior School – Mrs Freeman’s Class – 1968

Back Row: Philip Barnes, David Havelock, Paul McLaren, Mike Mussett, Paul Lindsey, Martin Byers, Stephen Bradley, Colin Dixon.

Middle Row: ? McGill, Ken Danby, Kay Fletcher, Denise Agar, Angela Verrill, Julie King, Susan Hambly, June Pearson, Alison Garbutt, Paul Harrison, David Cuthbert, Leslie Harrison, John Barry.

Front Row: Susan Keeler, Christine Alderson, Gillian Young, Susan Wilson, Kath Jobling, Mr Oliver, Rebecca Davis, Stella Brittain, Barbara Burton, Cheryl Howse, Karen McGuire.

The class teacher Mrs Freeman was absent this day so class is pictured with Mr Oliver the Head Teacher, can anybody remember this? Sheila Alderson tells us: “Second from the left on the bottom row is my sister Christine Alderson (now Bradley), my dad Jim Alderson was the Caretaker at Loftus Junior School for many years, brings back memories for me thankyou!”

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Sheila Alderson and Rebecca McConnell (nee Davis) for the updates.

Loftus Junior School – Mrs Waller’s Class – 1968

Back Row: Tony Robinson, David Legg, Keith Bowers, David Bowers, Nicholas Whitlock, Stephen Pressick, Christopher Marley.

Middle Row: Michael Hopper, Brian Hart, Michael Gowan, Janice Todd, Anne Bird, Julie Forrest, Margaret Walker, Fiona Smelt, Diane Havelock, Gary Breckon, Anthony Sherwood, Peter McGill.

Front Row: Jane Middleton, Ruth Jackson, Karen Hill, Dawn Bainbridge, Kelly Davies, Mrs Waller, Karen Husband, Lynn Hall, Eunice Ebbs, Christine Sparrow, Julie Cartwright.
Image and names courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Loftus Junior School (1977 – Class 1)

Back Row: Mrs Bennett, Jackie Thomas, Catherine Hicks, Dean Brown, Val Marsay, Nicola ? , Kirsty Harker, ??.

Third Row: Peter Matthews, ?? , Gary Kentfield, Simon Bell, Andrew Gibson, Lee Peart, Terry Hume, Gary Walker.

Second Row: Neil Pearson, Shaun Morrison, Derek Coverdale, Stephen Gill, John White, Robin Bowman, Catherine Samway, ? Williams, Joanne Stonehouse.

Front Row: Melanie ? , Katherine Stone, Wendy Phillips, Michelle Ainsley.

We have been told: “All these pictures were taken to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in 1977. All have the same background; to the right of picture is the canteen. The food was delivered in large tubs from the food canteen situated at the bottom of High Row, Loftus and is now houses.”

Please help with precise date and missing names.

Image and some names courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Loftus – Junior School 1993

Class 10 Loftus Junior School – 1993 – Class teacher Mrs S. Sansom.

Back Row: Craig Morrison, David Lorains, Dale Hopper, Andrew Evans, Rachel Hepworth, Tony Heseltine, Charlotte Lee Peterson, Mrs S Sansom.

Third Row: Elizabeth Story, Julie Anne Armstrong, Ewan Thomas, Rachel Robinson, Rebecca Cowie, Mark Wilson, Shaun Tyres, Sharon Grey.

Second Row: Lisa Willis, Danny McConnell, Tina Kitchener, Craig Carter, Emma Lethbridge, Emma Bainbridge, Richard Stockdale.
Front Row: Stephen Todd, Michael Stonehouse, Stuart Nicholson.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Loftus Junior School – 1977-78

Loftus Junior School - 1977-78

Mr. Foster was the teacher here and this was the final year for the pupils before going to Rosecroft School.

Back Row L to R: Stuart Housam, Karl Jemson, Andrew Penney, Darren Watson, Paula Snowdon, Kath Simpson, Bernadette Grayson, Andrea Gorman, Kerry Taylor, Dale Gordon.

Middle Row L to R: Sean Mellor, Paul Mann, Simon Lodge, Andrew Walshaw, Wayne Boyes, Mark Byers, Akelda Barber, Kerry Robinson, Cheryl Smith, Kath Teesdale.

Front Row L to R: Gillian Clarke, Susan Jones, Sue Pearson, Michelle Easton, Kevin McConnell, Michael Radford, Andrew Tabner, Sean Thomas, Michael Breckon.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson  and thanks to Andrew Penny for the update.

Loftus Junior School – 197?

A group of pupils with their teacher outside the school in the 1970’s

Back row (left to right): Mr Stewart, ??, Andrew Walshaw, Karl Jemson, Paul Ditchburn, Mark Jones, Dean Gibson, Kevin Walker, Mark Hanson.
Third row: Cheryl Smith, Michelle Hart, Louise Parker, Anne Brundle, Kaelie Polano, Michelle Easton, Angela Spinks, Katya Williams.
 Second row: Jonathan Sanderson, Paula Toulson, Tessa Bainbridge, Louise Dunn, Lorna Richardson, Amanda Hall, Susan Jones, Jacqueline Robinson, Andrew Tabner.
Front row: Simon Lodge, Paul Garbutt, Darren Watson, Russell Hart.
Do you recognise yourself please help us fill in the rest of the names.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Debbie Shaw for the update.