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Just a Blip on the Horizon

You can hardly see the works, but they are here – early construction image.
Image courtesy of Alan Franks.

Blot on the Landscape?

Still very early days, but it’s beginning to take shape.
Image courtesy of A. Franks.

Loftus Railway Station, 1964

Once again, a rather grainy photograph – but one that was the end of an era – as  it shows the workmen dismantling the railway. Doctor Beeching is frequently blamed for closing many railways which he didn’t; he presented a report with recommendations! The Loftus to Whitby Railway closed in May 1958, Loftus Station closed to passengers in 1960; although goods deliveries continued until 1963. The image came from another Northern Echo newspaper cutting.

Many thanks to Simon Chapman for correcting our commentary.

Loftus Railway Station, Early 1900

Lovely clear shot of Loftus Station, the bank on the left would have taken us to Liverton Mines, clearly visible on the hill. Lynn Jones enquired of the Archive if it was possible to a train from Redcar to Skinningrove in 1900; the Archive has now explained the peculiarities of the ‘Skinningrove – Carlin How’ stations.

Loftus Railway Station – 1950’s

Must have been a very still day when this train pulled into the station as the smoke is going straight up. How I would love to be on that steam train now on the way to Whitby.

Later Days!

The headgear is up and so are the administration buildings, but it’s not all finished yet. Another image scanned from an official photograph, dated 1970.

Image courtesy of Alan Franks.

Getting Bigger

It’s beginning to look like the Potash now isn’t it?

Image courtesy of Alan Franks.

Last Out

The last three men to leave Loftus mine, (South drift), on 27th September, 1958:

Jack W. Cooke, Arthur (Numpey) Thompson, and William Adamson.

Image courtesy of Keith Bowers.

Boulby Landscape

I think this photograph was taken to play down the impact that Boulby Potash would have on the landscape. A lovely landscape none-the-less.
Image courtesy of Alan Franks.

Skinningrove Ironworks

A view over the village to the ironworks, taken from the allotments on the east side of the valley. This card was produced at the same time as the one of Skinningrove from the cliffs, by William Richardson & Sons, Loftus; and was one of the Penny Real Photo Series.

Image courtesy of Beryl Morris.