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Carlin How Junior School – Miss Garner and the Class 1954

Back Row: Miss Garner, John Goldby, Stuart Brown, Freddie Chapman, Malcolm Thomas,  Michael Auckland, David Harcourt, Phillip Row, Jeff Peggs, John Ernest Hudson, Ken Blenkey.

Middle Row: ?? , Val Taylor, Pauline Campbell, Joan Dart, Val Hudson, Jennifer Hicks, Carol Simpson, Jill Pinkney, Christine Bamburgh, Carol Simpson, Fred Hudson, ??.

Front Row: Gillian Duck, Kathleen Welford, Christine Williams, Christine Orr, Lilian Welford, Joyce Kitchener, Joyce Welford (sister 1), Marion Welford (sister 2) , Jean Easton? .

Image courtesy of Barry Auckland, also thanks to Derick Pearson and Mike Hudson for help with the missing names to date.

Carlin How Junior School 1950/1?

Back row: Charles Ward, Barry Lancaster, Colin Lightfoot, John Ward, Brian Yeoman,  ??,  Alan Tyreman, Billy Bell, Alan Dale, Peter Lennard,  George Hall

Third row: Carol Shaw,  Betty Winspear,  Dorothy Butler, Pauline Dack,  Sheila Featherstone, Audrey Cornforth,  Rae Raistric,  Coleen Hutchinson,  Ann  Carveth,  Jean Ferrer,

Second row: Pat Henry,  Maureen Brown,  Marie Lancaster,  Elizabeth Groves,  Sheila Magor, Ivy Metcalf, ??,  Pauline Cuthbert, Dorothy Webster.

Front row: John Metcalf, David Buddle, Maurice Myers, Derick Smith, James Ward, Geoffrey Lennard.

Thanks to Jean Hugill (nee Ferrer) for all the naming information and for a more positive date for the image.