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Skinningrove Senior School Football Team (1957)

Skinningrove Senior School football team of 1956/57 are pictured outside the school.

Back row: Mr Snowdon (Headmaster), Stuart Brown, Fred Chapman,  Michael Hallams, Stan Myers, Keith Peggs, Cyril Libbey, Mr Robson (Games master).

Front row: Geoff Rispin, Barry Auckland, Albert Breckon, Colin Cooke, Ron Cook,  Raymond Caley,  Alan Sayers.

Image and names courtesy of Barry Auckland.

Skinningrove Seniors, c. 1956

Back row:  Leslie England, Fred Hudson, Geoff Spencer, Harold Richards, Alan Sayers, Chris Rowe, Keith Peggs, Fred Chapman, Dave Stone, Malcom Thomas, Mike Duck, Tommy Sorbey, Mike Smithies

Middle row:  Stuart Brown, Doreen Kitchener, Judy Saunby, Edna Brown, Dave Harcourt, Mike Auckland, Stan Myers, Jen Hicks, Carol Simpson, Janet Bambrough, Maureen Alderson, Ian Fletcher

Front row:  Christine Williams, Betty Walker, Joan Lightfoot, Gillian Duck, Pauline Campbell, Mr. Snowdon, Eileen Boddy, Tina Shelly, Rose Wilson, Joyce Welford, Linda Jackson

On mats:  Barry Solomon, Kenny Blenkey

Image and names courtesy of Tina Dowey.

Skinningrove Senior School – 1955/6

Back row: Terry Richards, Graham Hart, Geoffrey Peggs, Leslie Hart, John Tebble, Keith Hill, Alan Readman, Harvey Simpson, Terry Garbutt, Keith Frampton, Arthur England, Stephen Hugill, Alan Limon.

Third row: John Goldby, Jean Easton, Michael Bowers, Marie Holden, Colin Lancaster, George Pearson, Joan Dart, Brian Andrews, Ann Bishop, Gilbert Simpson, Gary Alderson, Brian Dredge.

Second row (seated): Joyce Kitchener, Barbara Hoggarth, Lillian Welford, Maureen Howard, Kathleen Welford, Mr Robson, Wendy Duck, Molly Elders, Hilary Husband, Marion Welford, Pamela Magor (nee Hamlinton).

Front row (on floor): Victor Stephenson, Arthur Breckon, Tony Norris, Brian Porritt.

Thanks to Sheila, Neil and Kevin Hamlinton for names.

Skinningrove Senior School – Choir – 1956

Back row: Doreen Kitchener, Eileen Boddy, Carol Simpson, Michael Yeoman, Stanley Myers, Fred Hudson, Joan Dart, Wendy Duck, Christine Williams.

Middle row: Valerie Taylor, Jean Bosomworth, Sheila Austin, Pat Harcourt, Isabel Tyreman, Carol Shaw, Elaine Cornforth, Margaret Welford, Vera Groves, Pat Rawlings, Janice Vincent , Jennifer Hicks, Janette Bamburgh.

Front row: Marion Welford, Hilary Husband, Pauline Campbell, Jill Pinkney, Kathleen Welford, Mrs Proctor, Mr Snowdon, Jean Easton, Lilian Welford, Joyce Kitchener, Joyce Welford. 

Image from a collection compiled by Derick Pearson, thanks to Janice Vincent and Arthur Groves for the correct names!

Skinningrove Senior School (c. 1955)

Back row: Eddie Welford, Tommy Welford, Colin Cox, John Smith, Raymond Caley, Derek Magor, Harvey Bullock, Arthur Somers,  Ronnie Stone,  Joe Pearson,  George Pearson.

Middle row: Ruth Webster, Dorothy Arnold, Colin Cook, Geoff Rispin, Barry Auckland, Albert Breckon, Brian Atkinson, Alan Thomas,  Joan Vincent,  Christine Saunders.

Front row:  Eileen Howard, Norma Scott, Sheila Wilson, Marion Ness, Joan Beckwith, Mr Snowdon,  ??,  Sheila Hill, Hilary Moore, Rosalie Shelley, Ann Bainbridge.

Thanks to Eddie Welford and Derick Pearson for updated names.

Skinningrove Senior School – Mr Snowdon, Mr Robson and pupils.

Obviously taken on a Skinningrove Senior School outing,: Pat Rawlings, ? Shaw, Elaine Cornforth, Hilary Moore, Mr Sid Robson, Isabell Tyreman, Mr Louis Snowdon. There appear to be a considerable number of coaches in the background, so possibly the Yorkshire Show. The Archive’s question is where and when? Can anybody help?

Skinningrove Senior School Choir 1952

This is a choir from Skinningrove school, some of the names are:-
Group of boys at the left back: Tom Ward, John Winspear, Derick Smith, Maurice Myers, Eric Husband. Who is the girl holding the banner do you know?
Group of boys back right: ??, Billy Pierson, Eric Rowe, Brian Yeoman, Terry Hall, Norman Trattles and Miss Proctor.
Mr Snowdon, Pauline Dack, Pam Smith, Joan England, Jean ?, Eunice McLean, Lillian Wood, Janet Thompson, Kathleen Henry.
Next row: Mary Bray, Carole Shaw, Pauline Cuthbert, ? Walker, Carol Breckon.
Front row: ??, Maureen Brown, Dorothy Butler, Jean Ferrer, Ivy Metcalf, Audrey Cornforth, Betty Johnson.

Can you add any more names, please.

Image from a collection compiled by Derick Pearson, thanks to Jean Hugill (nee Ferrer) for updated names.

Skinningrove School 1949

Back Row:- Margaret Purver, Jean McLean (Hellings), Thelma Peel (Easton).

Front: June Anderson, Betty Garbutt. The Archive asked: “But are they correctly named/placed? Help please.” Sheila Elsworth (nee Welford) came to the rescue!

Image from a collection compiled by Derick Pearson, names update courtesy of Sheila Elsworth (Welford).

Skinningrove Senior School 1935

Skinningrove Senior School had obviously won a trophy in 1935, but the Archive needs help! Tony Mellor is second right in the back row, but who are the others, and what is the shield that they have won?

Can someone tell us more, please?

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor.

Are you Here – at Skinningrove School in 1920s?

We don’t know where or when this photograph was taken and the lady with these children has been cut off. Jen Trembath tells us: ”I can tell you who the little boy is second from the right on the front row – my Dad, Herbert Trembath. He lived in Skinningrove, so I’m guessing this could be a Skinningrove school photograph. He was born in 1916 – so I imagine that puts the date of the photo somewhere in the mid 1920s.
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and thanks to Jen Trembath for the update.