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Village Centre – Skinningrove

Originally entitled “The Furnaces Skinningrove” this is a different view of the square, front left of what is now the Post Office and shop with Nixon’s Bank leading up to Carlin how; as we start up the bank Hutton Street stands on the right hand side, sadly another piece of Skinningrove no longer standing. In front of Timm’s Coffee house can be seen the quoits pitch (which appear to be in use today), a popular pastime, after the pigeons, of course.

Skinningrove Square

Some of the oldest houses in Skinningrove can be seen here on the right of the photograph, with the works are on the hillside in the background and I wonder what mischief the young boys were plotting?

Image courtesy of Ted Morgan, via Eric Johnson.

The Square, Skinningrove

A lot to see in this image, although the view hasn’t much over the years; notice there are no railings to stop anyone falling into the beck. Looking closely it seems the man with the horse is selling something I wonder what; and why the big queue outside the shop?  We see the men standing by the bridge; putting the world right as usual.

Pipe Organ

At last a photograph that I know what’s going on, that’s just because it tells us on the image. The laying of the pipe organ at the Wesleyan Chapel late 1880’s
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection.

Skinningrove Post Office and Cottages

Another lovely old photograph of Skinningrove, does anyone know the date?  Far right is the Miner’s Hospital, which is known to have opened in the 1870’s – is that a clue to the date?


St. Helen’s church stands high on the hill, with the two rows of Furnace Cottages clearly seen. There was a date stamped on the photo which said December 12th 1904, maybe this is the date of the photograph. The image is taken from ”Cooke’s Views of Loftus and District” an album of views around Loftus produced by Cooke’s Fancy Bazaar of West Road, Loftus.

Image courtesy of John G. Hannah.

View from the Cliffs

Looking from the east over Skinningrove valley, the hospital is prominent; we can see the road leading to Carlin How with the well-tended allotments on the hillside and the works standing guard over all.

Image courtesy of Beryl Morris.

Skinningrove Ironworks

A view over the village to the ironworks, taken from the allotments on the east side of the valley. This card was produced at the same time as the one of Skinningrove from the cliffs, by William Richardson & Sons, Loftus; and was one of the Penny Real Photo Series.

Image courtesy of Beryl Morris.

Skinningrove Hospital and 2nd Bridge

A hand-tinted photo of the hospital and the second bridge as the caption says, the works can be clearly seen on the hill in the background.

Skinningrove Hospital


A good picture of the hospital built by the mine owners, the jetty in the background and the old bridge on the right.

Image courtesy of Alan Richardson.