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Dismantling Fan

As the caption says it’s Huntcliff mine 1906, although the fan was dismantled, the building “Huntcliffe Guibal Fan House” is a scheduled monument; continuing to stand adjacent to the railway line skirting Warsett Hill. It is clearly visible to many as they travel around the area, particularly when passing from Carlin How towards Brotton.

Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and other collections.


Brotton Station looking south 24th February 1973 as it used to be; even then the tyres were starting to collect. Do you remember it like this? William Horner tells us: ”Yes I remember it well, I used to to go to the station to get the fish for my mother who had the fish shop in Jackson Street and Mr Mattson was the porter at the station”.

Thanks to William Horner for that update.

Sandsend, Lythe Bank and Railway Viaduct

This is a lovely image, sadly of an age long past.  A BR Standard class 4 2-6-4T leads a commuter train (with that weird brake van) into Sandsend station across the viaduct.

Image courtesy of Jean Carass.

Would You Enter This?

Maybe I would ’cos I am nosey, it’s the entrance to the alum mine on Hummersea beach. However Chris Twigg tells us: ”Rather than a mine, it was connected by a shaft to the Alum House on the cliff top. Presumably to allow the transportation of goods in and out. The alum shale was actually been quarried on the cliff top to the west.”
Image courtesy of Julie Morrison, thanks to Chris Twigg for the update.

Damp And Musty

You can almost smell the damp in this part of the tunnel, I wonder who were the last workers here, has anyone got any photographs of the alum workers?
Image courtesy of Julie Morrison.

Tracks To?

At one time well used tracks but now rusting and decaying; but what brick work on that tunnel, believed to have been built in the 18th century. Chris Twigg advised: “17th century I believe.”
Image courtesy of Julie Morrison, thanks to Chris Twigg for the update.

Unsafe Beam

Doesn’t fill you with confidence to go much farther into the tunnel does it?
Image courtesy of Julie Morrison.

Rock Fall

Looks like some climbing to do to get any farther into the tunnel.
Image courtesy of Julie Morrison.


This is going to be a squeeze, there might be enough space to get through. What lies beyond?

Image courtesy of Julie Morrison.

Unusual View – Skinningrove Jetty

The only time you would have got this view a few years ago was if you were on the steel works, but it does show the jetty off very well.
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection.